Wallace Smith – “Even Limbaugh knows the line he cannot cross”

Because of people like this, churches like this, racism will never die in this nation. If it did, they would have no pulpit to spew their hate from.  And they call themselves Christians …

From January 2010:

H/t to my great friend in GA!

7 responses to “Wallace Smith – “Even Limbaugh knows the line he cannot cross”

  • bydesign001

    BINGO Roxy!

    I was raised a Catholic and often throughout my life have been questioned to the point of pressure by Black Americans who do not understand why I do not attend a Black “Baptist” church.

    There is no end to the ignorance and the racism. Once or twice I went with family or friends to one of these churches and must admit that I am simply not comfortable.

    Not all but many of the successful Black churches take comfort in the rantings of these racist mad men. I refuse to be a part of it and I refused to allow my children to attend any church complicit in racist propaganda.

  • righthook38

    Obama claimed that he didn’t know Reverend Wright was such a racist, when he was called out on going to Wright’s church for 20 years. Most of us didn’t buy it, but the media let it slide. But now, this has happened again? I’m sorry, but this is no coincidence. Of all of the churches in DC, he picks this one? C’mon now….really? This was intentional.

    I read Obama’s book, and frankly, I am amazed that he was not questioned on many of the things he said in the book. I was appalled. For him to go to these types of churches where pastors spew this hate, just shows us the man’s character…or lack thereof.

    • roxannadanna

      Amen Sister! I dont know who’s handling him but they are doing a piss poor job when they let him go to churches like this one.

      • bydesign001

        This is who Obama is. This is who Michelle is and this is who his children will become. Not to mention, these are the people that Obama seeks to surround himself with.

        Their goal is to scam us while emptying our pockets and bank accounts. They need to keep racism alike in the United States to achieve their goal.

        Let me give you an example of how much a scam these people are.

        My son has two years experience installing cables and telecommunication circuitry. He is Level 1 certified BCIS.

        The morning after the presidential election, my son who was at the time, unemployed for two years received a telephone call from someone in Washington, D.C.

        The individual on the other end of the phone line was Black. He called to offer my son a job and to assist him in obtaining security clearance.

        Mind you, I had just started my blog three months before. Since he was not home, I took the information, name, number, etc. and gave it to my son.

        Thank God I talked to my son about Obama ahead of time and his agenda. Considering this was the morning after Obama made his celebratory speech, we thought that these people were a little over zealous to get their footing not just in D.C. but nationwide. You see he would have had to go from state to state installing cable.

        Something was not right, my son agreed and turned the job down. He did not want to be a party or a slave to the Obama agenda.

        In the meantime, he has gone back to college.


    Racism will never die as long as we have different races.
    Character comes into play when ‘leaders’ use racism as a tool to elevate themselves above the peons that they have coerced into voting them back into office.
    Obama is the biggest racist that has ever held the office of the Presidency.
    Eric Holder is a racist. (Black Panthers).

    One can only hope that by the time the next election happens, knowledge will come into play.

    BTW, Obama has already started his campaign.
    Anybody on the Dem side that runs against him will be castrated.
    Cue the crickets.

    • ClassicFilm

      That’s how the Whiner in Chief manages to keep getting elected, AFVET, whether at the state or national level. Outrageous attacks by his slithering minions. It has NOTHING to do with his stellar track record (unless voting “present” is applauded by his chuckleheaded groupies) Check into his previous state and US Senate races in Illinois. Thug-a-rama! While I’m no fan, I was appalled at the lack of civility (eye rolling) many pro-Obama Democrats showed Hillary Clinton during the 2008 race. DEMOCRATS called her the most vile, sexist, demeaning, vicious names imaginable. The mud-slinging the Obama zombies engaged in against Hillary was horrific – and look at what they do to Sarah Palin just because she BREATHES.

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