Thank you all

Your comments were wonderful and I appreciate your prayers and thoughts more than you know. I also know that many people have gone through worse than I am right now and I try not to wallow in self pity, nor do I ask anyone to give me special treatment because of what I’m going through.

I hate losing all my hair and before anyone says “it’ll grow back”, it won’t. I’ve heard  from 3 doctors that it will not and at some point you have to start believing them. I might have patches of hair, here and there but never will it be even close to the same. And I guess that’s okay. I can live my life with scarves and wigs. That’s the point —- I can LIVE my life, which is more important than hair.

But it’s not cliche to say that every day is a gift from God and make the most of them. I intend to, even with this guy in the White House. lol

4 responses to “Thank you all

  • rick headlee

    much love and all my prayers for you roxanne rick headlee

  • TtwoT

    All the best to you and your health. May you have a successful recovery.

    I can sense your frustration to keep blogging to keep many informed, yet to use it as an outlet to release some steam. I’ve found myself taking news “fasts” at times and I’ll normally just check my e-mail once per day, and only visit 3 sites one time each day – or even skip days. I only visit the sites enough to stay current on the latest happenings with our beloved America, but don’t let myself get as drawn in as I once used to get.

    We are now at a point where we’re somewhat helpless. However, I believe we’ll all weather the storm – but in order to do so, we have to ensure we’re healthy, strong and protective of of our families along the way. We can take the knowledge we’ve all gained in order to become survivalists.

    We will prevail!

    In good health,


  • bydesign001

    Hi there Roxy. I know it’s been a while since I last stopped by and for that, I apologize.

    It seems that 2014 has brought trials, tribulations and whatever else upon us all this year but whatever it is that am dealing with does not compare.

    I am sorry that you are ailing. Be strong my friend and know that you are in my prayers. I’m pulling for you, my friend.

    Peace and blessings to you, patriot.


  • loopyloo305

    Love you and God bless you Roxy!

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