It’s black on white crime so Obama won’t mention it

When it was white or so-called white on black crime, Obama was all over it.

Remember this:

and this:

But no message about these “knockout” crimes from Obama or the poverty pimps – Sharpton and Jackson. (I’m not going to link to any of the current videos. They are disturbing enough.) They should all be ashamed of themselves. Especially Obama. He was all over this stuff when it was white on black crime, even though everyone seems to forget that he’s HALF white. Not a word about the black on white or black on Jewish crime from these people. Not one word. And who by the way, was down in the south helping with voter registration back in the 60’s? It was the Jews (among others) helping those black folks. It was the Jews who helped the blacks get the rights to vote and sit at lunch counters.

This is wrong. It’s wrong on all kinds of levels. It’s what causes racial hatred. It’s what causes the distrust Americans feel for each other. Although this article makes no mention of crime (black on white, especially) I think it’s very indicative of how we feel about each other. Tell me honestly, how do you feel if you’re walking down a street and are being approached by a group of young black men? Jesse Jackson wasn’t shy about mentioning it some time back.

Maybe if these young men had jobs, this wouldn’t be happening. Maybe if their president hadn’t failed them, they’d be working and not suffering with a huge jobless rate. Maybe if they felt empowered by holding on to a job, they wouldn’t be out there “knocking out” folks. Maybe if they’d wake the hell up and see that this president has failed AMERICA, they wouldn’t have voted for him a second time. Maybe if they’d look in the mirror, they’d see who the real racists are in this country. If all it took was 97% of the black vote to elect a president, then they might be able to say America is a racist nation. But that’s not true. It took a lot of white votes, too.

They all should be ashamed.

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