Who is Peter Joseph? I think, a pretty scary guy.

Peter Joesph/Zeitgeist founder

He is the filmmaker and chronicler of the Zeitgeist movement (loosely translated from German, it means “spirit of the age.”) Something that, according to a friend of Jared Loughner, the mass murderer was attracted to. I’ve been listening to and reading about 32 year old Joseph and his ideology, most of the night. He is frightening and the most ego-maniacal person I’ve ever listened to. I believe I’ve finally actually witnessed a true anarchist. Nothing like those wild young people who break store windows and throw rocks – this guy is the real deal.

Regardless what he says though, Joseph is thriving in and loving the cult worship that he is nurturing and that’s being showered on him by so many misguided people. It’s very apparent in the interview video.

His so-called ideology is the pure fantasy of Jacque Fresco, 94 year old founder of the Venus Project and it’s activist arm, the Zeitgeist and it’s scary to think that thousands of people are being sucked in.

When you listen to what Joesph says, especially about currency, monetary systems and the use of a “resource based” world economy, it becomes pretty clear that Loughner was at the least, somewhat impacted by these scam artists. And a man with the fragile and disturbed psyche that Loughner apparently has, would be easily influenced by this.

This is a link to the interview Peter Josefph gave in December ’09.  If you search at YouTube, there are several videos and portions of videos he has done in the last 2 or 3 years ago.  All the information that you might like to know is very easy to google or search on YouTube.

Now, who wants to bet that the MSM won’t get off the Palin/blood libel/hate speech meme long enough to look into these fantastical connections that Loughner had with this YouTube sensation? It will take someone in the conservative media to investigate this and then it will be ignored because it doesn’t fit their narrative that the Tea Party, Palin and talk radio is responsible for the assassinations in Tucson.

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  • Timothy Fitzpatrick

    What are Joseph’s connections to Zionism?

    • roxannadanna

      I wrote that blog over a year ago. You might go out and check his blog and interviews for the answer to your question.

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  • Kevin

    You’ve stated you have no interest in presenting a point by point refutation of the ideas Joseph presents in his films. Understandable…but then how about suggestions on how today’s social ills can be remedied? How on EARTH are we supposed to move past/break free from this sick paradigm where competition is considered ‘natural’? You label TZM an ‘anarchist’s dream’ but do you REALLY believe the people of the U.S. actually have ANY control whatsover over their government or that Presidents are anything but PR people? Do you think that somehow ‘conservative values’ are the answer, when 8yrs. with the last ‘conservative’ president was like 8yrs with Hitler? (9/11 = Reichstag) ARe you of the school of thought that all the shit today, the 1.5 billion living in poverty, the endless wars, financial meltdowns, etc. etc. are just ‘god’s plan’ and therefore, it’s out of our hands? Please, say it isn’t so.

    I’m not advocating for or against TZM…but I completely agree with their position on WHY the world is in such a sad state today. While Eugenics would say otherwise, I agree that we are products of our environments and therefore, if we want love, happiness, growth and prosperity for people – not to mention food, water, shelter, etc. – then we have to create the environment that best promotes those things, not one that promotes social inequity, conflict and division. From what I’ve seen/heard/read, TZM has more to do with common sense than Marxism, Anarchism or any other silly ‘ism’ one chooses to apply. We attack what we fear and we fear what we do not know. Thanks.

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  • SamHenry

    An outlier stands at a distance. I believe Matthew is at a distance in the movement and his “work” here is to ingratiate himself to the core of the Zeitgeist movement. Spare us further German terms that remind us of an unfortunate time in human history all of you anarchists. It is all so boring. It may be frightening but to this old soul it is more like swatting mosquitoes around the campfire.

  • SamHenry

    Well now, things are getting curiouser and curiouser, Alice. Joseph Matthew must be an outlier for this Peter Joseph. Bob, it is indeed the 1960’s redux and I also lived through that. Roxy, obviously the Joseph camp is up against a woman with a formidable mind and blog here. You are good to publicize this lesser known ingredient in the Tucson shooting mix. A truly brilliant post – so well thought through and written. I need to do more research in this area.

    Keep on keeping on. Oh and Matthew, Roxy attracts all kinds of intelligent souls here of various positions in the political spectrum. She lets me slip in under the tent flap.

  • samiam60

    Good Afternoon Roxannadanna, Joseph, John, AFVET, James,themadjewess, and Maggie 😀

    Boy oh Boy Roxannadanna, I can’t leave you alone for a couple of hours without you stirring up all kinds of trouble. My, my, my, what are we going to do with you?

    To Joseph and John I must say that I find it refreshing to see you come visit here and maintain a healthy level of respect. The only infraction to our Common Evolution I found in your statements was the use of the word Coward. The word does not make for a very good first impression of you but being the humble people we are I am sure you will be given a pass. You both bring forth some very interesting ideas and views of the world we live in. I can remember back in my youth finding myself seeking out higher ideals with which to guide my life. Back in those days I found that the higher I got the more lofty my ideals became. This went on for only a few years and then one day as I was running through the Jungle with eight or nine Gooks running towards me with fixed bayonets it all became very clear to me the true meaning of Life on this Planet Earth. Perhaps one day you two fellows will find yourselves running through a Jungle of your own. In that day my friends you will have found the Truest meaning of Life there is.

  • Joseph Matthew

    I’m perfectly happy to address facts, but your article is void of them. What are your solutions again? Oh right, you don’t have any to offer.

    Your dismissal of anything that conflicts with your obvious bias on this topic doesn’t justify the simple fact:

    You’re misrepresenting the facts about The Zeitgeist Movement. Sorry (for you, your readers, and our human family).

    Your claims to “hate” and “leader” indicate you have not grasped even the most basic facts about this exciting social movement. Compassion drives everything we do.

    Now if you were able to refute the ideas presented by The Zeitgeist Movement, I’m sure you would, but alas, all we’ve seen from you is more fear mongering and a completely disregard for facts. You seem to have put blind patriotism and an aversion to anything that challenges your world view, ahead of factual information.

    So let’s see if you post this rebuttal for your readers; the cowardice you’ve shown here on your blog suggests you won’t. I won’t be surprised.

    As for fame… well your blog has what? 16 active users? 100? 1000? The Zeitgeist Movement has over 500,000 members, members dedicated to generating a new social consciousness…

    Over 500,000 people embracing the simple fact that the intentional generation of scarcity and pursuit of profit destroys our human species. You may be sitting high on the hog now, but you do so at the expense of others who live in poverty so you can maintain your exalted position. People you never see and obviously don’t give a $#^# about.

    Ours is a choice between fear and love.

    Food for thought, in any case.

    • AFVET

      Hey Joe,…
      Roxannadanna, a coward ? HAHAHA.
      Yeah, obviously she published your diatribe.
      You have fallen into a den of conservatives and Patriots that love this country and despise socialism/Marxism efforts to take this Republic down.
      You may well hear from some more of them.
      Drones and mindless non-individualists will continue to to try and destroy this country because they have no self confidence when outside of the herd mentality.
      The Conservatives do not embrace a herd mentality.
      If you have the nads to respond to this comment, good,… did you ever serve your country ?
      Have the men and women who have served this country ever given their time, effort and lives trying to free people from tyranny ?
      I question YOUR degree of cowardice.
      A keyboard can make a mouse a man.
      You haven’t fooled anybody here.

      • Joseph Matthew

        I expect my views to be pummeled into the ground on this blog because if they’re not, you and your fellow readers would demonstrate how you’re uninterested / incapable (its the same thing) of rational factual discourse you choose to be.

        That’s why you have to write smear articles like this one; gang up against and oppress opposing views while saying “we’re all individuals!” because that’s all you know… e.g. “when all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail”

        As to your direct question, I would never serve my country in the way that you suggest, because simply I don’t support terrorism (in any form).

        And yes I have served communities outside of my country with altruism, knowledge & kindness and did not have to rely on a funny costume & an imaginary “enemy” to do so.

        I also choose not to ignore the simple fact that “war is a racket”; patriotism is a byproduct of the profit lie. Decorated soldiers of the highest order have said the same over time and they’re correct. The evidence is again, overwhelming, but you can’t look at it because it puts a strain on your comfortable world view.

        Further I know as a fact that the idea of country & borders and “more for me, less for them” is outdated and no longer relevant to our species. These same ideas are killing our planet and thus our ability to live on it.

        Yet still you want to suggest I’m a coward because I choose not to kill other people over resources? Resources that would be otherwise in abundance if not for the forced scarcity generated by the profit motive war machine? Wow… just wow. Talk about a circular argument! haha

        Must be nice to live in a world where you ignore the inherit poverty your way of life generates (“if you don’t see it, then it must not exist!” haha). Or to ignore the harm that “more for me, less for you” thinking generates… sure “nice” if it weren’t so tragic and misguided.

        I don’t blame you though. Most so-called “conservatives” I meet simply don’t understand the role that scarcity has had on their lives. most are not really “conservative” in the historical sense anyway.

        Usually just self-centered & scared people who think if they’re not acting tough, then they’ll be victimized; all the while ignorant of the fact they generate the exact result they are most afraid of.

        The fact is, the notion that “there isn’t enough for everyone, so I have to get mine” is as outdated as steam power.

        But of course you can’t consider any of this as true, because it would embarrass you and draw question on all that you’ve justified in the name of your beliefs.

        Time to wake up my friend. The coffee’s brewing! (yum!)

        • AFVET

          It appears you must be a rich man, or someone who has access to someone who has the ability to make you one if you adhere to the philosophies of the liberals that have extorted this country for the last 100 years by misleading the stupid drones that continue to vote them into office.
          ‘Resources ,..the forced scarcity generated by the profit war machine.’
          Scarcity, Obama and the EPA have shut down any drilling offshore and in the interior of the country for an indeterminate time.
          Obama is wrecking this economy either on purpose or through advisement, and the ‘transparent government’ he proposed has been exposed as a bunch of lies.
          If you want what you espouse, move to China.
          I hear they are drilling for oil just off our coast.

          I am not ‘your friend’.
          Yeah, the coffee is on, don’t drink the cool aid.
          Educate yourself.

    • inge

      you are a misguided soul; the actual translation of “Zeitgeist’ can be intreped in two meanings, which either is one not even correct regarding the purpose of this occult. (by the way, Joseph likes plain brown suits just like young idelist Hitler-before becoming an enraged mass murderer-also loved, and preferred)!
      Zeit in german = Time, or period in english
      Geist in german= Ghost or fiction

      Therefore, the title of this utopian dream could be translated into ‘FARCE’, which is exactly what it is. So please, don’t let facts get into your thinking, when dreaming in outward universe is so easy!

    • roxannadanna

      It’s exactly right that my blog is “void” of facts about your movement. That’s because I want my few readers to check out your links and draw their own conclusions beyond what I think of your goofy “movememt.” If the readers find what you have going is something reeeeealy enlightening and that I’m full of crap, so be it. But they found that out on their own, with the links I’ve provided to your leaders website and web interviews. I didn’t provide any links that were in opposition to your great leader or his historic “movement,” (those have been provided by other posts in the comment section.) They are your links, your websites, your videos, your leaders interview.

      Your new age idealism is charming but has become boring. I had no idea the kind of shit storm (pardon my language, to all my good friends) this little blog would produce but if you are looking for converts, you really need to run along to the Daily Kos or Media Matters or a thousand other leftist websites where you will be welcomed with the tolerance and enthusiasm they show everyone who denounces God and country.

      You will not find converts here: Not me nor any of my few friends who come and read and post here.

      We’ve all grown up. Someday, hopefully you will, too.

      p.s. Don’t call me a coward… not ever again. You know nothing about me to insult me or draw that ridiculous conclusion.

  • Maggie@MaggiesNotebook

    There is no doubt that Zeitgeist is not right-wing. BTW, they hate Fox News. Bob Mack left your link for me. I’ve linked it in the last of my two Zeitgeist posts. This guy is indeed scary, and he has more than a few listening to him (maybe donating to him?)

  • The Cult of Zeitgeist – Jared Loughner Part 2 | Maggie's Notebook

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  • themadjewess

    Whatever happened to just praying and being an American patriot?
    I wouldnt follow anything that has a name like Zeitgeist.
    We need more GOD an less ‘human’ feeeeelingsssss.

    • roxannadanna

      EXCELLENT! indeed we do!

    • Joseph Matthew


      Because the behavior you suggest perpetuates the harmful wasteful structures we have now. You have to work harder every day to ignore how obvious the truth is: our current behavior and priorities are killing us.

      Would love to tell you “it’s so easy, just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get different results”

      But that is, obviously, insane.


  • Joseph Matthew

    This probably won’t get posted, because this blog seems more comfortable with agreeing comments than anything else, but here goes.

    Not posting to argue the point, but this article misses the mark by a wide margin.

    Suggesting that The Zeitgeist Movement is based on fear, control, manipulation, or any other of the appeals to emotion illustrates a large gap in understanding; these claims are simply untrue.

    If you really are interested in the subject of a saner world without war, without politics, most crime and patriarchal governments, check out The Zeitgeist Movement, find out for yourself; there are plenty of free materials online both in support and against The Zeitgeist Movement.

    Can start with http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com and make up your own mind; empower yourself, not some ad-supported blog.

    The very worse you can do is to take this article’s appeal to emotion as factual; see for yourself with your own eyes and your own mind.

    We are one planet.

    • roxannadanna

      Obviously you aren’t reading anything I’ve posted. But you got your 5 minutes of fame on my blog – like that matters to anyone and like it matters what I think of your leader or his “movement.”
      All the information I got on this guy, his mentor and his “movement” came from his own website, videos and interviews. No place else. It’s bogus, psycho-babble.
      End of story. See ya!

  • James Kush

    zeitgeist cult exposed here:

    Great article. This guy really loves his cult worship status from his “zeitgeist” followers.

    Also, if you check the sources for “zeitgeists” hit piece on christianity you will see is mainly derived from the occult. With nearly half the citations attributed to occultist gerald massey and new ager, christ hater, acharya s or dm murdoch. here is a bio of some of zeitgeist sources:

    • roxannadanna

      Thank you for these links. I’ve gone over and quickly read them with the intention of reading closer. As I told Bob, I’ve got some family issues going on that I’ve not had the time to devote to reading as much as I’d like to.
      But they are Very good indeed.

    • Joseph Matthew

      @James Kush
      I’m sorry that you cannot see past your religious indoctrination to see the truth here. You are not alone in history.

      If only you put as much energy into researching facts instead of smearing the honest compassionate & natural evolution our species, maybe you’d understand that myths & emotional beliefs in some spooky father figure do more harm than good in our human society.

      We are one planet, full of diversity and wonder. I wish for a moment, even just a second, you could know that.

      • James Kush

        Joseph, thanks for coming on here and showing everybody that your a cult member. I think it hilarious. Your truth is conspiracy movies made by a marimba player/stock broker named peter joseph. I guess you follow him because he says man is god? Have fun hating Americans, Christians, and thinking your god!

        • Joseph Matthew

          @ James Kush
          Well once again, am sorry to say you’ve missed the mark by a wide margin. There’s no hate here, only compassion in the face of blind ignorance. I understand we disagree, and that’s ok with me.

          That said, keep up the spirit though James! Only wish you could do that without your obvious dismissive and closed-minded behavior, because such thinking hasn’t really worked so well for our species thus far, has it! Hmm time to rethink I guess? For some perhaps.

          But maybe you’re right… Maybe there REALLY IS an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything I do, every minute of every day.

          And the invisible man has a special list of 10 things he does not want me to do. And if I do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send me to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever & ever until the end of time!

          But He loves me! He loves me… and He needs money!!! He’s all wise, all powerful, all knowing… but woops! He just can’t handle money! (thanks G. Carlin)

          Yeah, maybe he’ll float down here and save us all from ourselves. And maybe Santa can join him and the Easter Bunny too and we’ll never have to look at each other in the eyes or see that our greedy, dismissive & closed-minded behavior has destroyed our ability to live freely on the earth, all in the short time we’ve been here (more than 6k years, sorry).

          What a wonderful world that could be.


          Maybe he never existed to begin with and we made him up (ever look at how much religions across the world have in common?) to fill a gap in understanding about our existence, to distract ourselves from dealing with our collective inability to communicate effectively with each other (as this blog illustrates)

          Maybe our collective problems really are our own to solve (why not start today?)

          In this case, reality is the only god there is. And if your eyes are open, you can see that it is so.

          What do you think?

          Good luck to you in any case James ! 🙂

  • Bob Mack

    Roxy, Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook has an article about the Zeitgeist cult today at http://www.maggiesnotebook.com/2011/01/the-cult-of-zeitgeist-and-jared-loughner/. I’m linking this article on her site as well.

    • roxannadanna

      Thanks Bob. I went over to Maggie’s and read it rather quickly but will go back and read it better. Right now I’ve got some family matters that are taking up all my time.

  • john

    Hi there. I’d like you offer you my perspective even though I assume you’ll probably just disregard immediately without even listening since I am a supporter of Peter and I do work with his organization.

    This article does nothing to address the ideas he is promoting and what he advocates. You throw labels out like “anarchist” and “new age” and “neo-marxist”. All you are doing is conjuring up ideas that people will have an emotional response to by throw out labels and attacking the character of Peter Joseph as an “ego maniac”.

    Please, I urge you to rewrite this article addressing specifically why you think his ideas are wrong. What is false about what he says? Please, research what his organization does. I encourage you to go find your local zeitgeist movement chapter and talk to them, find out what kind of people they are and what they hope to accomplish.

    How you could associate Laughner with Peter or his movement is about as absurd as associating the shooter with anyone at all.

    This guy wasn’t an isolated case. There are multiple shootings every single day in America. We have the largest prison population of any first world nation. In my home city last year there were 143 shootings. How many were in yours? Why are these shootings occurring? Peter’s films? Or is it something else? Is there something wrong with our culture? Our society?

    Well, 80% of the world lives on less than 10 dollars a day. We all know the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer… but why? We’re more productive every single year, yet everyone’s standard of living is dropping. Why?! Ask this question over and over and over again, continue to research and you will find your answer.

    Please don’t censor my comment… I am a human being and my opinion on your blog is just as meaningful or meaningless as everyone else’s.

    • john

      let me correct that. 143 homocides in my home city last year.*

    • roxannadanna

      I”m not going to go through and debate/debunk every one of his statements.
      Not with you or not for the sake of just doing it here.

      Lord, that would take pages and pages and time I don’t care to spend on this venture. Suffice it to say that I listened and read FOR HOURS, his videos and his written stuff, as well as that of his mentor, Fresco.
      It’s all pseudo-intellectual babble. It’s meaningless.

      You got your request granted and your post is here in black and white. As my “about” page states, I’m not interested in arguing or debating anyone on anything. When I want to do that, I go to other blogs that have a healthy, diverse group and I engage with them.

      I look things up and read about them and try to educate myself, at least a little, on the topic that I’m going to be posting about. That almost always means that I read as many sides of an issue as I can find before I form my opinion. I read his sites, I watched his videos, I read Fresco’s sites. I formed my own opinions just from that. I read no opposing information about your movement.

      Do not blame me for connecting Jared Loughner with this movement. That statement came from his friend in Tucson which is what sparked my interest in finding out about your movement. And like I said, ALL the information I have about your leaders and your movement came from THEIR sites…. no place else.

      • ClassicFilm

        Amen, Roxy. The links you provided tell it all.

        • roxannadanna

          LOL you know what’s so funny? I used only their own websites and videos in my blog. Nothing that is contrary to their movement at all, and yet they felt the need to come here and defend themselves against ONE post (mine only) in the beginning. Then all the rest of the smart folks like you, came along and provided some really good arguments and links to sites that are truly in the business of debunking them and their “movement.”

          These people are such sheep and in the history of cult sheep, they are in danger. One need only look to Jim Jones’ People’s Temple or Mashall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate to see how badly these things usually turn out.

          We patriots don’t need a leader – why there really is none in the tea party, for instance, – we stand on principles. And they don’t fail us like a human being does.

  • Bob Mack

    After some quick google scans, what I’ve learned is that this Zeitgeist movement seems to be an amalgam of neo-Marxist/New Age/Conspiracy Theory/Anarchist belief systems–a potentially toxic mix indeed. And Peter Joseph is exactly the type of well-spoken, semi-charismatic individual that can, given the right circumstances, coalesce the lemmings–and perhaps, as you pointed out, the crazies. He also seems to be fairly anonymous. For what it’s worth, one blogger (http://anticultist.wordpress.com/2010/02/10/who-is-peter-joseph/) has identified him as Peter Merola, a marimba player from North Carolina.

    • roxannadanna

      His good looks and psycho-babble-pseudo-intellectual BS is what is so scary to me. Like you said, he’s just the type of person to “coalesce the lemmings.” Certainly this Fresco, at 94 won’t be pulling people together under this crazy “movement” the way Joesph could do it.

      Thanks for the link. That’s a pretty interesting read.

    • Joseph Matthew

      @Bob Mack
      Oh boy! You hear “managing resources effectively” and immediately make the call to some ‘ism and “charismatic leader” concepts.

      You apparently haven’t even done even the most simple research into these ideas. It’s like you’re not even trying… there are no leaders, there is no ownership, there is no differential advantage.

      If you were interested in facts, you’d know that all types of ‘isms function on a monetary system whereas Zeitgeist & The Venus Project is focused on eliminating money and work to utilize technology in the creation an abundance for everyone. Without exception to religion, color, creed, economic status, etc.

      Why are you so afraid of eliminating poverty, war, most crime etc? Afraid of actually connecting with your fellow human beings beyond your differences?

      Something to consider. Though I understand if you don’t; it is hard to work through the programming you’ve received for likely all of your life.

      Know this, a better world is possible, but it won’t come from fighting over resources.

      • Bob Mack

        Joseph, I’ve been hearing those “new” ideas of yours since the ’60s. In fact, I may have come up with some of them myself during some late night rumination in a smoky garret while the Hendrix music played. But I finished working through my programming years ago–all of it. I realize, of course, that you have a different programmer, but you should try working your way through your own. Here’s something to start with: There’s no such thing as utopia, a free lunch, or a decent restaurant named “Mom’s”.

        • Joseph Matthew

          @Bob Mack
          Actually Bob, you and I agree (yeah!) that there is no such thing as Utopia. The Zeitgeist Movement & The Venus Project also agree with that statement. There is no utopia; we constantly evolve instead. The notion of “ideal” is fleeting and reflects only a moment in time.

          What suggests you are stuck in your old programming is you making the association that _any_ appeal to a better world is “utopian”.

          Indeed we must be vigilante against any source that says a better world is impossible. It’s untrue, and frankly quite unnatural; all things are in motion all the time.

          Do you really think today is as good as it gets? That “more of the same” is going to result in positive change? That 100s or 1000s of year old ideas are magically relevant to our time today? Or equally specious that ‘things would be fine if only we had better politicians?’ All are provably false. In fact, there is a simple equation that describes our current state of affairs:

          Garbage In = Garbage Out

          To say, the world today is directly the result of our priorities. It’s not hard to consider at this level. It is also a fact that necessitates we look at the root causes of our social ails…

          Take our monetary system. Provably, any system built on differential advantage, any system that encourages we humans to be terrible to each other (as any monetary system does) will result exactly in what we have; war, famine, poverty, crime. The evidence of this is overwhelming.

          Do you want more of this? If so, please open your mind to something else, for the sake of our species if not yourself.

  • Bob Mack

    First I’ve heard about this guy, so I guess the cult worship hasn’t extended into veterans groups yet. I’m gonna check him out. I’ve noticed that the latest media spin, probably caused by extensive but generally unreported backlash against the Palin/Limbaugh/Tea Party defamation, is the old “but they do it too” play. Nonsense, of course. I saw no conservatives blaming the Left for the Arizona shootings 15 seconds after they happened. Still haven’t, actually. So my suspicion is that the libs are dropping the “vitriolic rhetoric of the right” charge in favor of the safer “moral equivalency” one.

    • roxannadanna

      Well Bob, regardless of whatever direction they take to attack the right, this Zeitgeist business will never be reported on or researched by anyone in the lame stream media.

      And from what I’ve seen of it – it’s dangerous and dangerously stupid. It appears to me to be an anarchist’s dream come true kind of movement.

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