Stand with Israel. Sign the petition.

Keep America Safe:

In the Obama era, many of America’s allies have seen their loyalty to the United States met with indifference, incompetence and even outright contempt. Israel – one of America’s strongest allies anywhere around the world—offers the most vivid example.

Since taking office, Barack Obama and officials in his administration have repeatedly rebuked, condemned, and pressured an Israeli government that is standing strong and defiant in the face of continual threats from terrorist groups and the regimes that sponsor them. The administration has repeatedly sought to engage Israel’s authoritarian enemies while demanding ever more concessions from the democratically elected government in Jerusalem. In just the last month this administration has twice stood by as international organizations have targeted Israel for condemnation. In May the Obama administration consented to a Final Document from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference that singled out Israel as a threat to the current non-proliferation regime while making no mention of the grave threat posed by Iran’s illegal pursuit of nuclear weapons. And in June the administration refused to block a presidential statement from the United Nations Security Council as Israel was besieged by an international lynch mob for exercising its legitimate right of self-defense.

The relationship between the American and Israeli people is as strong as it has ever been, but this administration’s dangerous and misguided policies, if left unchallenged, pose a serious threat to Israel’s security and prosperity and to America’s ability to protect our interests in the region. We the undersigned urge the President to stand with the people of Israel.”

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