What We Didn’t Know About the NYC ISIS Terrorists But Should; Strongly Contradicts Obama

Great read here.

3 responses to “What We Didn’t Know About the NYC ISIS Terrorists But Should; Strongly Contradicts Obama

  • AFVet

    I haven’t visited you in awhile and no idea what you are going through.

    This is a benediction that my church uses at the end of every service….

    May the Lord Bless thee and keep thee.
    May the Lord make His Face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee.
    May the Lord lift up His Countenance upon thee and give thee Peace.

    My prayers are with you Roxy.

    • roxannadanna

      thank you, vet. I appreciate your words and prayers more than you can ever know.

      i’m feeling a little sorry for myself today so I hope you won’t mind indulging me.

      i’ve had a tough 3 years: an increase in seizures that meant a change in medication and then MRIs to determine that the tumor was growing again. Last April I had another brain surgery and biopsy that indicated it had become a grade 3 tumor. 6 weeks (5 days a week) of radiation and chemo. that was my entire summer.

      needless to say, taxes for 2013 didn’t get done and by the time I felt able to do them it was November, So i decided to wait until January and do both ’13 and ’14 at the same time. paid the fines and got it behind us,

      I’m still on chemo, 5 days a month, but got really good news from my oncologist last week: I’m in remission again now. I’m so happy about this, I can’t tell you.

      But right now I’m in the middle of a horrible psoriasis outbreak (from drug sensitivities) and it mainly effects my hands and feet. Hurts like hell to walk and I can’t even open a can of soup. I have Rich open the cans before he goes to work. Typing is no easy task easy either. Every night i to sleep and hope it will be a better time when I wake up – but so far, not happening. I’ve seen a doctor and doing what he told me to do. He said it could take some time for this to go away…. again.

      Thank you for your indulgence because I feel so much better getting it all said. I love you and thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts. I know that being positive and praying have had a big part in keeping this stupid tumor at bay for these 9 years.


      • AFVet

        A quote on optimism,….
        Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces,
        I would still plant my apple tree.
        —–Martin Luther.

        Plant your tomatoes this year Roxy.
        Relish in the fact that you can.

        BCNU AFvet.

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