Quote of the day – Ann Coulter

Democrats don’t resent “the rich” on behalf of the poor. They resent the rich on behalf of the government.

Read her column Human Events

5 responses to “Quote of the day – Ann Coulter

  • ClassicFilm

    Annie rocks – again.

    A high school friend of my son’s told him recently there was “no way” that our family members are registered Republicans, we must be Democrats. My son asked him why he thought that. He was told that only rich people can be Republicans — “everyone knows that” — and we obviously are not rich.

    And the repeated falsehoods and indoctrinations of our youth continue…


    • AFVET

      This is indicative of the failure of the public school system.
      Common sense has been thrown out of the door.
      That kid’s parents should be questioned as to why he could have an opinion such as what he evidently espouses.
      Liberal ideologies are rampant in the classrooms that we pay for.
      How much more are we willing to take from the left ?

      We need to take back our Country, soon.

      HI Vicki 🙂

  • Freedom, by the way

    I’d like to use this quote in my quote box! Thanks Roxy!

  • Conservatives on Fire

    And bureaucrats wonder why the people don’t like them. If we are fortunate enough to win overwhelming control of the House and the Senate and also win the Presidency in 2012, we are going to need a whole lot of brooms to clean out all of the dead wood and lock the office doors permanently.
    Nice catch, Roxy.

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