About my blog

I’m a Constitutionalist, an originalist and a conservative. All views are welcome – if I should get any – and especially opposing views. It’s doubtful, unless your posts are vulgar, that I will censor you. And sometimes I won’t even counter with a reply more elaborate than a “thank you for reading and posting.” I’m not interested in arguing because it will be a rare event that my mind will be changed and it’s even more rare that I will change yours.

I love America. I love being an American and I feel fortunate to have been born here. I regard the Constitution as just behind the Bible in sacred text and I hold in reverence the Founding Fathers and the present day heros, our soldiers, who protect and defend us. I believe that we are constantly striving to “form a more perfect union.”

I have no time or regard for anti-America Americans.

Thank you if you take the time to read and post.

31 responses to “About my blog

  • wdednh

    I know in the time of sorrow one needs not only words but time to time a hug, please eccept this hug from my wife and I and please eccept our deepest heart felt condolences. If there be any thing you might need please feel free to call on us.

    Anthony and Diana

    • roxannadanna

      You are by far, one of the nicest and kindest men I know. Thank you for your condolences.

      I know that you and your family has had its share of heartache too.

      I appreciate your words and prayers more than you know, Anthony.

  • walthe310

    To form a more perfect union, we must improve. That means not everything is perfect as is. To criticize constructively is necessary for improvement to happen. So why oppose other views?

    • roxannadanna

      Because this is not Utopia and it never will be. Nothing is perfect. No human is perfect. The founders goal was to “form a MORE perfect union.” Not THE perfect union.

      And the only opposing views I will not tolerate are Anti-American views. If that is what you have in mind, you don’t belong on my blog.

    • AFVET

      We oppose other views because we have the FREEDOM to do so.
      We also have the FREEDOM to restrict people from coming into our house, or on our property.
      It appears to me that you embrace the progressive movement that has destroyed the EU.
      Checked the news lately 310 ?

      The conservatives in this Country are driven to destroy the philosophy you espouse.
      Over 100 years of these policies have proven to systematically infect the very fiber of what made this Country the ‘Shining City on the Hill’.
      You know, the one that people from all over the world risk their lives to get to, and also, the ones that did make it are sending up a warning to US that we are falling into the same trap that they escaped from.
      What better advice can be given ?

  • TombosWorld

    Hey there-love the site always great to see someone with similar values. check out my site-www.tombosworld.com
    I would be honored if you would add me to your blog roll as I will be adding yours to mine shortly. Great stuff and keep up the excellent work!

  • ttoes

    Glad I found your blog through my friend and fellow blogger, Steven, at Skalduggery.com You do good work.

    Will be happy to share links with you. If you don’t mind I will put yours on my blogroll today. If you want me to take it off, just let me know.




    • roxannadanna

      I’m so glad you came by and posted. And thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I’ll be doing the same with yours.
      You have a really clean (in style) blog, easy to read, too.
      I’ll be going back and hope you keep coming back here, also.
      Your new blogger friend,

  • themadjewess

    I agree. In fact, every conservative should have a blog to scare the enbemy within.
    What a shame that we have an enemy within.

  • William J. Holland

    As a fellow Catholic conservative who just started blogging about a month ago, I must say two things.
    1. I agree with much that is posted on this blog.
    2. The women on the couch is HOT!

    • roxannadanna

      Don’t know where you found me, but glad you did. I look forward to more exchanges so keep coming back… and I’ll do the same with your blog.


    • roxannadanna

      Oh and by the way, the lady on the couch – this is a portion of a painting by Jack Vettriano. He’s my all time favorite contemporary artist!

  • I Am A Patriot

    I found this blog on Big Gov. I’ve been recently thinking of starting my own blog. I’m a college student, majoring in history and I’m appalled at how the liberal professors change history to suit their agendas. More people need to act out. The Silent Majority needs to make themselves be heard. Now is the time for a Second Revolution. What the Obama administration is doing is unconstitutional. We need to stand up for the Constitution. Someone needs to defend it. We need to act before they take it all from us.

    • roxannadanna

      Don’t think – just do!

      Start a blog and network with us – other like-minded patriots. It’s people like you who will make the difference or pay the price. No one wants that.

      Thank you! Now, get to work, blog and change your world! 😉


  • kafka

    how come america has so many governments that are anti-government? And in what relation is that to the failure of the american economy?

  • Louis (Louie, Luigi) Russ, Roxannadanna's brother

    My sister has started this Blog and I am proud of her and proud to blog on. Being 7 years older than her I did not get to know her very well however, as we have gotten older I see that a lot of her views are similar to mine. Now, we have a brother, the middle brother, who is just the opposite of ours. Oh well, there’s always one in the family. I don’t know about you all but I’m tired of being the silent majority. I am no longer one of the silent majority:
    1. I am a white, 60 year old, male and we are no longer in the majority I am now a card caring member of a minority and I want all the minority bennie’s (LOL).

    • roxannadanna

      I love you, too.
      thank you for looking!

    • samhenry

      I have a younger brother who is 64. I am 67. Our youngest brother is 62. I am closest to the 64 year old. He and I both enjoy writing. He checks in on my blog, too, but he wouldn’t comment. He’s a “nope” and “yup” kind of guy. Even the little brother has a verbal ability beyond most. It’s a good thing when something like sharing thoughts and writings happen between siblings. So often everyone grows up and says hello/good-bye a lot over time but what you write, you leave behind like a gift. Your appreciation for your sister and your good humor about yourself hold your place here. And I’m glad to have met another brother who holds his sister in high regard.

  • roxannadanna

    Isn’t Vicki great? She’s so smart and writes so well. I’ve learned a lot from her site.
    Thank you for posting and reading here. I appreciate it more than you know.

  • JonnyN

    Is the banner here Kandinsky?

  • Jane

    So glad to come visit your new site! Looking forward to reading/viewing your new posts!

  • Dena

    Does this mean that I’m the first one to post?

    I’ve never seen or heard anyone use the word originalist. Tell me what it means to you, please.

    • roxannadanna

      “The Conservative is an originalist, for he believes that much like a contract the Constitution sets forth certain terms and conditions for governing that hold the same meaning today as they did yesterday and should tomorrow. It connects one generation to the next by restraining the present generation from societal experimentation and government excess. There really is no other standard by which the Constitution can be interpreted without abandoning its underlying principles altogether.” Chapter 4, pages 36-48, Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin

      And you are one, too.

      I hope you keep coming and posting when I have something profound to say… aaaahahahahaha! keep watching… it’s bound to happen.

      • AFVET

        Roxy, I found your site from Vicki’s.
        I will enjoy your conservative point of view as long as you’ll have me.

        Thanks for the perspective (conservative).

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