Daily Archives: April 2, 2011

Happy birthday Michael

Today is my sons birthday. God blessed me with 2 wonderful kids and now a beautiful grandson and I could not be prouder of them.

I celebrate on their birthdays because, after all, I was there for the first one and every year after, has been another blessed by God. And they are blessed with good health and good moral character.

When Michael was in kindergarten his teacher told us “Michael has a strong sense of right and wrong.” LOL Nothing could be truer, still. My son is a straight arrow and I say that with pride. He has stood by his convictions all his life.

He will never cheat at golf and has little respect for those who do. I remember standing a the 18th hole, more than a few times, waiting for him to finish his tournaments and nervously watching the scoreboard. I remember watching him in play-offs. When he tees off, he brings tears to my eyes – his swing is that beautiful. One of my proudest moments was when he was named Nevada state golfer of the year.

He has a great work ethic which seems to be lacking in so many young people his age and he is ambitious and hard working. He is loyal and generous with his friends and has a huge capacity to love.

One time when he was little he asked me if I thought he’d go to heaven when he died. I told him that there is no doubt in my mind – he has the purest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.

Someday you will have children, Michael and you will know a love that can’t be put into words – the love I have for you. Where ever you are, I am, too and where ever I am, is your home.

Happy birthday Michael! I love you.