How does a story reach the interest of a national level?

Remember the Dr. Gosnell story in Pennsylvania – the abortion doctor who had a chamber of horrors? The press/media claimed that the reason it was not covered on national news was because it was a local story.

When does a story reach the national level? I guess it’s not enough that this “doctor” had dozens of babies and baby parts in jars and freezers in his office. I guess it’s not enough that this guy jokingly said “this [dead] baby is big enough to walk me to the bus stop.” It’s not enough that the health department was called several times on this guy and his office and he passed muster with them (?). Or that his staff claimed he (and he taught his staff) to cut the spinal cord on live babies.

However, the traffic snarl on the GW bridge in New Jersey is a national story.

I guess you can argue that this horrendous lanes closures thing is dangerous to citizens who have to wait for emergency vehicles and perhaps some died waiting. (So far nothing has surfaced on that front but rest assured, the media is digging harder there than they did/have done on Benghazi.) But does that reach the national news level? Or is it because Christie as appointed by the media is the front runner for the republican presidential run in 2016? Oh, I don’t know but I’m thinking the latter. This story would not have made more than a blip on the news except that Christie is the governor.

Don’t get me wrong. I think closing exit ramps and lanes is a horrible thing to do to a city and citizens. I think there should be some kind of punishment for this action and not just a firing. But seriously, would this have reached the level of a national story, if it weren’t for Christie?

I doubt it.

5 responses to “How does a story reach the interest of a national level?

  • roxannadanna

    Thanks for the comments and the votes, all you guys. I’m still around, just not posting as much as I’ve done in the past – as you guys can see. LOL

  • AFVet

    Roxy,…good to see you’re still out here swinging !
    The democratic party is terrified of him because he could be a challenge to whomever the dems throw into.
    I don’t trust Christie, he is a progressive, not enough conservative for my taste.
    In order to wrench this Country back from the left wing socialistic direction we’re headed in, we need to take the senate, and retain the house, and thereby restrict Obama and Holder from further from continuing to take our Nation into the tank.
    Further into the hole that the European Countries find themselves in.

    Keep up the fight Roxy. 😀

  • muse1876

    Simple answer, Gosnell was one of their own. The MSM only covers the so called “good” liberal news. Great read.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I was scratching my head on this one, too. Guess nobody cares that we’ve been dealing with an a lane closure on a bridge for 8 months now while an inept contractor tries to fix it–running months behind.
    The witch hunt is on for Republican presidential contenders.

  • samiam60

    This is excellent my friend and I am so glad to see you up and at. Here is wishing you a most Blessed New Year my friend. 😀

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