Investigations and questions and rambling thoughts

Why did those 7 democrats vote against cutting off funds to ACORN? Should they be part of an investigation?

Not only should no one expect, but they should not want the DOJ and Eric Holder to investigate ACORN. We all saw what happened to the Black Panther case in Pennsylvania. An outside, independent investigation must be demanded.

Why has the Twilight Zone media ignored this story? Why did they ignore the Van Jones story?

Does Obama not see how divisive he is when he boycotts Fox News Sunday but makes the rounds of all the other networks? Does he not see that he is preaching to his own choir and pissing away the chance to change the minds of Fox viewers regarding his healthcare reform? (Not that he could change minds, but he’s not even going to try.)

By ignoring Fox News, he is ignoring a huge number of Americans. Does he not understand that he is offending them? And that he is alienating them? He is marginalizing those viewers or trying to, and people don’t like to be treated that way. Does he really believe that those viewers will switch over to ABC or MSNBC to hear him rah-rah his reforms and watch  those Twilight Zone “journalists” faun over him?

He keeps making these public appearances and campaign rallies to ONLY his supporters. Who does he think he’s winning over at these things? He can do his “fired up! ready to go!” crap to every union house and Obamatron-packed arena until he loses his voice, but he’s not winning over the people he needs to win over.

I’ll place a bet right now that ratings for his appearances will not exceed the ratings on Fox, during the same time periods. No one wants to hear him anymore. People have been suffering Obama-overload for months now. But an appearance on Fox would certainly make the viewers there feel like they were a segment of America he cared about talking to, also.

The truth is, they (we) are a segment of society he does not care about.

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