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ACORN: the joke’s on everyone else but the restraining order is on someone else…?

ACORN press release included with a PDF from what appears to be the San Bernadino Sheriff’s office.

This information does not look good for O’Keefe, Giles, Beck and Breitbart.

Breitbart and Giles were on Hannity tonight and said they had not yet fully researched the “alleged” murder that this volunteer claims she committed.

On the other hand, there’s this regarding Kaelke and her husband.

This story is starting to make my head hurt.

ACORN volunteer just playin’ along with the “gag”

UPDATE: ACORN organizer rips video

Posted: 09/15/2009 05:42:16 PM PDT

SAN BERNARDINO – The head organizer for California ACORN says a new video that appears to show a staffer at the organization’s San Bernardino office is fake journalism.

The video, which was posted shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday on a Web site called Big Government.com, shows a female ACORN employee talking to a man who claims to be a pimp interested in establishing a brothel where underage immigrant prostitutes would turn tricks in order to raise money for political activity.

The woman, identified on the video as Tresa Kaelke, appears on posted footage to be interested in cooperating the plan. However, California ACORN head organizer Amy Schur said the video is a gross misrepresentation of what actually happened.

“In this video, there are two actors who come into our office and who were messing with us. And our employee was messing with them,” Schur said.

She said that the complete and unedited video needs to be released to the public.

Schur said that in a moment not shown on the edited video, Kaelke asked the undercover “pimp” if he was joking and then proceeded to play along with the joke.

Furthermore, Schur said that Kaelke will sign an affidavit stating that she was not seriously entertaining the idea of cooperating with an apparent attempt to establish a house of prostitution.

“She (Kaelke) asked if they were joking and asked if they were reporters. They said they weren’t reporters and they aren’t. This is not legitimate news,” Schur said.

Schur’s statements follow comments from ACORN office supervisor Christina Spach, who said Kaelke was afraid of the “pimp” and “prostitute” who broached the prostitution ploy at ACORN’s San Bernardino office.

The Big Government.com video identifies the “pimp” as James O’Keefe and the “prostitute” as Hannah Giles. O’Keefe and Giles could not be reached immediately for comment.

Investigations and questions and rambling thoughts

Why did those 7 democrats vote against cutting off funds to ACORN? Should they be part of an investigation?

Not only should no one expect, but they should not want the DOJ and Eric Holder to investigate ACORN. We all saw what happened to the Black Panther case in Pennsylvania. An outside, independent investigation must be demanded.

Why has the Twilight Zone media ignored this story? Why did they ignore the Van Jones story?

Does Obama not see how divisive he is when he boycotts Fox News Sunday but makes the rounds of all the other networks? Does he not see that he is preaching to his own choir and pissing away the chance to change the minds of Fox viewers regarding his healthcare reform? (Not that he could change minds, but he’s not even going to try.)

By ignoring Fox News, he is ignoring a huge number of Americans. Does he not understand that he is offending them? And that he is alienating them? He is marginalizing those viewers or trying to, and people don’t like to be treated that way. Does he really believe that those viewers will switch over to ABC or MSNBC to hear him rah-rah his reforms and watch  those Twilight Zone “journalists” faun over him?

He keeps making these public appearances and campaign rallies to ONLY his supporters. Who does he think he’s winning over at these things? He can do his “fired up! ready to go!” crap to every union house and Obamatron-packed arena until he loses his voice, but he’s not winning over the people he needs to win over.

I’ll place a bet right now that ratings for his appearances will not exceed the ratings on Fox, during the same time periods. No one wants to hear him anymore. People have been suffering Obama-overload for months now. But an appearance on Fox would certainly make the viewers there feel like they were a segment of America he cared about talking to, also.

The truth is, they (we) are a segment of society he does not care about.

Enter the ACORN apologists

“You guys are going after the lowest common denominators here, people that have been arrested for drug and prostitution, expecting them to know any better than to give advice on what they know?

I do not disagree that they should be better with their hiring practices, but c’mon, you think that lady in that video knows any better.” poster at BigGovernment.com


I don’t get it. This person is not the least bit credible. What’s the point? In the other video you found one corrupt accountant. Good job and I hope that person gets fired, but should we shut down every company or organization that has a single accountant that ever shushes a client? There’d be nowhere to get your taxes done.

There’s corruption in everything. It’s human nature. Good on you for revealing some of this corruption but stop pretending you’re connecting the dots in some vast conspiracy. Shutting down community organizations over isolated corruption (or maybe its just some prostitute running her mouth) makes as much sense as shutting down the stock market because of Bernie Madoff…. Or maybe Madoff is connected to ACORN. I’ll bet the Freemasons have something to do with it. Look! An acorn on the dollar bill!!! poster at BigGovernment.com

My God…

How much more will it take before someone who can, (besides these 2 great and courageous kids) do SOMETHING?
This requires an INDEPENDENT investigation. Holder won’t do it and I’m sure Obama won’t call for him to.
What kind of people would not bat an eye at the suggestion of child sexploitation and would in fact, be eager to offer assistance in this kind of behavior? What kind of people (like the posters quoted above) would excuse it? No one even mentions murder or threats of murder.
I’m stunned and sickened by this whole thing. As Beck asked today, where is the decency and honor – not just in congress – but among some of the posters I’ve read at that site today?  I suggest that people reflect the leadership they have.
And that explains to me, why we have the president and the congress we have. But I refuse to believe that we are this immoral, this uncaring, this accepting of criminal behaviors.


From BigGovernment

Is it time to now investigate the connection between Obama and these people? Would this go unchecked if it were a Republican president? Would this go unquestioned by congress and the media, if the sitting president were a Republican?

huh? No free speech on the House floor anymore!

When you control the language, you control the thoughts…


House guidelines for Presidential put-downs

House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has released a helpful, updated primer for members regarding their conduct on the floor and in committees.

Especially useful: The section on how to properly insult the executive branch in the in the chamber.

“Disgrace” and “nitwits” — okay.

“Liar” or “sexual misconduct” — ixnay.

Under section 370 of the House Rules and Manual it has been held that a Member could:

• refer to the government as “something hated, something oppressive.”
• refer to the President as “using legislative or judicial pork.”
• refer to a Presidential message as a “disgrace to the country.”
• refer to unnamed officials as “our half-baked nitwits handling foreign affairs.”

Likewise, it has been held that a member could not:

• call the President a “liar.”
• call the President a “hypocrite.”
• describe the President’s veto of a bill as “cowardly.”
• charge that the President has been “intellectually dishonest.”
• refer to the President as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”
• refer to alleged “sexual misconduct on the President’s part.”

h/t Marty Kady, who is neither a nitwit nor a liar.

You want a fight? Andrew says you’ll get one!

I’ve been reading this guy for almost 2 years, thanks to my good friend in Georgia who turned me on first to BreitbartTV.  Andrew is a real patriot and hero to the conservatives.

Levin hits A MILLION!!! And still the MSM ignores

by Matthew Philbin of NewsBusters.org

Threshold Editions, part of Simon & Schuster, announced today that conservative radio host and author Mark R. Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” has officially sold one million copies since its release in March. No thanks to the mainstream media.

As the Culture and Media Institute detailed in a new Special Report “Unmentionable: Best Selling Conservative Books and the Networks that Ignore Them,” Levin’s book, which spent 12 weeks at No. 1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List, has been ignored by the mainstream media. Levin told CMI that “we have not heard from any of the major networks, and the only major newspaper that has interviewed me is Philadelphia Inquirer, and that’s because I’m from Philadelphia.”

Obviously, that hasn’t harmed sales. “The book is selling by word of mouth,” Levin said. “I’ve done very little media, and its chugging along.”

Levin hasn’t been the only conservative author getting the cold shoulder from the MSM. The CMI Special Report found that in the first half of 2009, the three broadcast networks covered liberal bestsellers three times as often as comparable conservative titles. Of the 11 conservative authors on the list, just four received any coverage on the networks. On the other hand, the networks covered 11 out of 14 liberal authors.

Furthermore, when authors appeared on the networks for interviews, conservatives received markedly different treatment than liberals. From Matt Lauer calling Elizabeth Edwards’ book “stirring,” to Harry Smith telling Ann Coulter, “You have this kind of sophomoric sort of simplistic kind of view of so many things,” hosts made it clear where their ideological sympathies lay.

Glenn Beck’s show today…

In today’s tapes, this ACORN employee gives away the farm — she names names of politicians she talks to each day, plus what bills they are lobbying heavily for (with taxpayer money). Oh, this Acorn employee is also a former hooker herself, who (in this audio tape) admits to killing her abusive husband. Your tax dollars hard at work!

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

New careers for ACORN tax experts

This is becoming the story of the year! You can’t find a website (except maybe MSNBC) that’s not covering this mess.

Funny column here:

Leigh Scott at BigHollywood