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Like it or not, and most of us won’t, a Brit’s view of Obama and failing American leadership

Obama the impotent

by Steven Hill/The Guardian

“Many leaders and supporters are beginning to wonder what is causing this growing gap between the Barack Obama that many people saw on the campaign trail, and the Obama they see in the White House? Beyond Obama’s oratorical skills, which excited not only American voters but people all over the world, he is mostly untested as a politician. His previous experience was only a few years in the US Senate and a few years more as a state senator. A sinking feeling is arising among many that President Obama may not be up to the task, that he may not possess the artful skills needed to accomplish even his own goals.

But it must be recognised that it’s not just Obama’s shortcomings that are causing the problem. The very structure of the American political system is at the heart of these failures.”

Read the whole column here: Obama the impotent

Bill Whittle: Why you need to run for office and other good stuff

Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle speaking at 9/12 event in Los Angeles.

This is a great video!

This little weasel has nothing on the New Marxists

Donald Segretti/historycommons.com

Donald Segretti/historycommons.org

Donald Segretti.

I’m sure, totally forgotten to most, he was the dirty tricks orchestrator for the Nixon campaign during the Watergate days. He forged letters and documents that caused all kinds of headaches for presidential candidate, Ed Muskie. And his many “pranks” against the Democrats back then are almost funny today when you compare them to the lengths that the Marxists are going to sabotage an entire nation.

But you have to wonder if, given the technology that we have today, how much more damage Segretti could have done.

Anyway. I digress.

I keep hoping that someone will find the head of the snake in this Soros thing. Of course, he is the head but you can’t cut his off. There has to be an organization that if, taken down, will destroy the rest of the web he’s created. Every google hit brings you back to David Horowitz. Apparently, he is the only one who has done any research into this shady group of operatives called the Thunder Road Group.

from discoverthenetworks.org:

The Thunder Road Group (TRG) is the strategic nerve center of the Shadow Party. It coordinates strategy for the Media Fund, America Coming Together (ACT), and America Votes — the three groups most involved in Shadow Party strategic planning. TRG is a political consultancy that combines the roles of strategic planning, polling, opposition research, covert operations, and public relations. It is through TRG that the Shadow Party formulates its plans, dispatches orders to the network, and presents its public face to the world. “[The Thunder Road Group] is an operation unlike any other in politics, devising strategy, message, and public relations services for the 527s,” writes The Boston Globe.

TRG is named after a Bruce Springsteen song, “Thunder Road,” whose lyrics declare, “It’s a town full of losers, and I’m pulling out of here to win.” The organization was founded in early 2004 by Jim Jordan, an attorney with a long track record as a Democrat “spin doctor.” Among other high-profile assignments, Jordan handled press relations for the Senate committee investigating DNC fundraising in 1997 and for the House Judiciary Committee during the Clinton impeachment proceedings of 1998…

… Jordan acknowledges that his group engages in opposition research. Some reports indicate that Jordan’s covert operations go beyond ordinary political dirt-digging. According to the American Spectator, for example, Jordan may have helped stage-manage the media circus that disrupted and contaminated the work of the 9-11 Commission…

…The identities of these individuals have been gleaned from chance references in the press, as TRG has no website and has published no list of its personnel.

1st Amendment right trashed again by the Leftists in the Senate

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – An angry Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon to blast a federal investigation of Louisville-based Humana.

It all started when Humana was ordered by the feds to stop sending a letter to clients. The letter warns clients that the proposed health care plan involves cuts to Medicaid that could cause them to lose some benefits and services.

In his comments, McConnell said:

“Is this what we believe as a Senate – that this body should debate a trillion-dollar health care bill that affects every American while using the powerful arm of government to shut down speech? Is this how citizens and companies can expect to be treated if health reform passes? That any health provider that disagrees with a powerful senator will be subject to an investigation and a gag order?”

It was Sen. Max Baucus who asked that Humana be investigated. Baucus is the author of a major health care reform package currently in the Senate.

and more @ HotAir

From the American Spectator…

More about the useful idiots at ACORN.

Issuing threats to talk radio

MATTHEWS: They, they, people the activists on radio are not afraid because they’re not afraid of anything. But at some point if we have violence in this country against our president of any form or attempt, people are gonna pay for it, the people who have encouraged the craziness. And I get the feeling, at some point, the responsible grown ups like people who have [been] elected 20 or 30 years, who know what it means to be responsible officeholders, must be saying to themselves, “I don’t want to be one of the people responsible if one of these Looney Tunes gets a gun and does something.”

Does Chris Matthews take the same credit for the pro-lifer who was gunned down? Does he take responsibility for the pro-Obama nutcase who bit off the finger of man at a town hall meeting?

Is the standard going to be the same for the Twilight Zone media?

When did he become OUR president, Chris? He might be yours, but he’s shown himself to not care about being mine. He refuses to talk to the 22% of independents who watch Fox News, just because they watch Fox News. He had no idea about any TEA party rallys. He wasn’t paying attention to the amount of federal money (MY taxes, by the way) that ACORN has been and would be receiving.

Who’s president is he? He said he wanted to be the president of all the people and then he acts contrary to that at every turn.

Ditto the Quote of the day

Mark Levin

I’ve been asking the same question for months: What audience is Beck playing to? Although he’s done great things with his show – educating and encouraging Americans, uncovering people who really don’t belong in government –  he’s sitting on the fence, pandering to the left leaners too much of the time.

Does anyone (anyone who thinks like a conservative) seriously believe that we would be worse off with McCain as president? How many marxists/socialists would be in the administration right now under McCain? How many 9/11 truthers would be there? Would we be scrapping the missile defense for eastern Europe and crapping on our allies if McCain were president? Would he be putting off generals, and our soldiers, in Afghanistan?

McCain was not the ideal candidate but to say that we would be worse off with him, is way too much of a stretch for anyone who has a thinking brain. So the question remains, who is Beck talking to?

If you criticize Beck on most conservative blogs, you will have the wrath of the Beckites down on you. When Levin calls this a cult of personality, he is right on the mark (pardon the pun.) These people brook no criticism of him.

I give credit where and when I think it’s due. When Beck has uncovered corruption or when he’s said great things, I credit him for it. But when he’s pandering – and by his quote to Couric, he is pandering – I call that out, as well. And honestly, I’m disappointed.

The Beckites should be as well.

Mark Levin

Mark Levin

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