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Are they surprised? A conservative used THEIR book!

Two fired at Baltimore ACORN office.

Alinsky said, hold them (your enemies) accountable by turning their own words and actions against them. Put them on the defense. These marxists have been doing this all along: turning her Christianity against Sarah Palain because she became a grandmother due to her daughter’s out of wedlock affair. Or how about Sanford and his extra-marital affair.

They have been holding our feet to the fire when someone slips up and putting us on the defense all the time.

Now we have started using the same tactic: Make their words and actions accountable and put them on the defense. They aren’t criminals? They don’t participate in criminal activity? Defend this, Obama, ACORN, all of these so-called community organizers.

Will Obama tell Holder to open an investigation? Will Holder do it or will he do like he did with the Black Panthers in PA? Don’t hold your breath on this. But the pressure and the public scrutiny has to be kept on them just like Alinsky has told them to do.


You won’t be taxed – not one slim dime – but you WILL be fined!

Senate ObamaCare bill fines families $3800 per year for ignoring mandate

posted at 5:25 pm on September 9, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
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Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) released his general plan for the Senate version of ObamaCare yesterday, and it portends some hefty costs for American families.  Baucus stripped out the public option but left in place individual mandates to buy insurance — and backed them with big fines, administered by the IRS.  Each family could pay up to $3800 per year for failing to get government-approved coverage:

A bipartisan group of senators huddled in the afternoon to decide whether to move forward on an overhaul plan that Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D., Mont.) began circulating over the weekend. The plan includes some of the stiffest penalties Congress has proposed for Americans who don’t carry health insurance coverage.

Sen. Baucus emerged from a meeting with the six-member bipartisan group saying he had given his colleagues until 10 a.m. Wednesday to provide feedback on his draft. The group will meet again Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to come up with an agreement before Mr. Obama’s address.

Under the plan, people who earn between 100% and 300% of the poverty level (or between about $22,000 a year and $66,000 a year for a family of four) would face fees ranging from $750 to $1,500 a year.

For taxpayers with incomes above 300% of poverty, the penalty starts at $950 a year and reaches as high as $3,800 for families. Nearly 12 million people fit in this category, according to the National Institute for Health Care Management.

Individual mandates are bad enough, at least constitutionally speaking.  States have insurance mandates for drivers, but those are predicated on accessing public roads, not private enterprise.  The courts should make minced meat out of an argument that Congress has the power to compel citizens to buy insurance for any reason, let alone health insurance.

But the problem here goes beyond the mandate, and even beyond the fine.  Who will manage this mandate?  Who determines the validity or non-validity of insurance coverage?  That bastion of medical knowledge, the Internal Revenue Service.  Taxpayers will have to provide proof of insurance from the previous tax year to avoid the fines.  If the IRS doesn’t consider the coverage adequate, families could be out the cost of the coverage and the fine.  They can appeal any negative verdicts, of course … to the IRS.

The IRS hasn’t the expertise, nor the flexibility, to manage the nation’s health-insurance coverages.  This is a tremendously bad idea.  As I wrote earlier, who in this country believes that the IRS doesn’t intrude enough into their lives?

He IS a liar

No reason to apologize. Obama has been calling the Republicans, all conservative talk show hosts and town hall attendees liars for the last 2 months. Why is that okay but to call him out on his lies, is not?

I applaud Rep. Joe Wilson and judging by the responses at FoxNews.com, a whole lot of other people do, too.

Please try your call again

Try to call the White House or Congress. Circuits are all busy.

I guess this new ACORN video has really got folks charged up!

Andrew Breitbart debuts new website with a blockbuster!



Go here and see the ACORN videos and read filmmaker, James O’Keefe’s first hand account.

Your tax dollars at work with ACORN workers explaining how a “pimp and prostitute” can circumvent the tax codes and commit tax fraud!

Doctors and nurses to fill the Trojan horse with Union dues

In the heated debates on health-care reform, not enough attention is being paid to the huge financial windfalls ObamaCare will dole out to unions—or to the provisions in the various bills in Congress that will help bring about the forced unionization of the health-care industry.

Tucked away in thousands of pages of complex new rules, regulations and mandates are special privileges and giveaways that could have devastating consequences for the health-care sector and the American economy at large.

The Senate version opens the door to implement forced unionization schemes pursued by former Govs. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois in 2005 and Gray Davis of California in 1999. Both men repaid tremendous political debts to Andy Stern and his Service Employees International Union (SEIU) by reclassifying state-reimbursed in-home health-care (and child-care) contractors as state employees—and forcing them to pay union dues.

Following this playbook, the Senate bill creates a “personal care attendants workforce advisory panel” that will likely impose union affiliation to qualify for a newly created “community living assistance services and support (class)” reimbursement plan.

The current House version of ObamaCare (H.R. 3200) goes much further. Section 225(A) grants Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius tremendous discretionary authority to regulate health-care workers “under the public health insurance option.” Monopoly bargaining and compulsory union dues may quickly become a required standard resulting in potentially hundreds of thousands of doctors and nurses across the country being forced into unions.

Ms. Sebelius will be taking her marching orders from the numerous union officials who are guaranteed seats on the various federal panels (such as the personal care panel mentioned above) charged with recommending health-care policies. Big Labor will play a central role in directing federal health-care policy affecting hundreds of thousands of doctors, surgeons and nurses.

Consider Kaiser Permanente, the giant, managed-care organization that has since 1997 proudly touted its labor-management “partnership” in scores of workplaces. Union officials play an essentially co-equal role in running many Kaiser facilities. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney called the Kaiser plan “a framework for what every health care delivery system should do” at a July 24 health-care forum outside of Washington, D.C.

The House bill has a $10 billion provision to bail out insolvent union health-care plans. It also creates a lucrative professional-development grant program for health-care workers that effectively blackballs nonunion medical facilities from participation. The training funds in this program must be administered jointly with a labor organization—a scenario not unlike the U.S. Department of Labor’s grants for construction apprenticeship programs, which have turned into a cash cow for construction industry union officials on the order of hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

There’s more. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus has suggested that the federal government could pay for health-care reform by taxing American workers’ existing health-care benefits—but he would exempt union-negotiated health-care plans. Under Mr. Baucus’s scheme, the government could impose costs of up to $20,000 per employee on nonunion businesses already struggling to afford health care plans.

Mr. Baucus’s proposal would give union officials another tool to pressure employers into turning over their employees to Big Labor. Rather than provide the lavish benefits required by Obamacare, employers could allow a union to come in and negotiate less costly benefits than would otherwise be required. Such plans could be continuously exempted.

Americans are unlikely to support granting unions more power than they already have in the health-care field. History shows union bosses could abuse their power to shut down medical facilities with sick-outs and strikes; force doctors, nurses and in-home care providers to abandon their patients; dictate terms and conditions of employment; and impose a failed, Detroit-style management model on the entire health-care field.

ObamaCare is a Trojan Horse for more forced unionization.

Mr. Mix is president of the National Right to Work Committee.

The day they take union dues from my paycheck is the day I stop working.  But that may not  matter anyway, because if the government imposes fines “of up to $20,000 per employee on non-union” facilities, I might be out of work. The facilities I work for are family/small business owned and they cannot afford to have this happen to them.

I will not join a union. And I can’t imagine any of the doctors I know who would join one. I do know nurses, however who would. But I think in the long run, there will be a substantial exodus from the healthcare field if unionization is imposed on professionals.

It looks like, however, the government will be imposing unions on these small companies. And in order for them to survive, they will have to cave and go union/socialist.

The incredible thing about these bills in congress is that there are “agendas” and especially union agendas, hidden all over the place.  In 1100 pages, there is no way to know everything that will be imposed on us or how they can all effect us. Last count, HR3200 has, I believe 53 new – NEW – federal agencies, all related to healthcare in one form or another.

Talk about a Trojan Horse… this is the mother of all Trojan horses.

It’s a new revelation every day. And now this one.

More on this here.