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Children as props = desperation

I don’t want to ruin your day before it starts but here’s something to give you heartburn before your 2nd cup of coffee:

Big News: Beck really IS leaving Fox

via Drudge.

This talk has been out there for a week and it’s now finalized.  This is big news on every blog in the ethersphere; ours and the commies, both.

I”m sure that Van Jones and his Color of Change is planning a huge rally now and the spin will be that THEY won and pushed Beck out. Too bad too, because I know this was a business decision that Jones had nothing to do with.

It’ll be interesting to see what new plans Beck has and how Fox will fill in the time slot and the obvious void that will occur without Beck. This is going to cost Fox a lot of viewers, in the short term, at least and during his 5pm slot.

I do think that Beck is becoming too evangelical for a news channel – not that evangelical is a bad thing, it’s not. I”m a pretty religious person (something I keep pretty private) and I’ve noticed that Beck is leaning more and more to the ‘end of days’ evangelism that many people agree with and welcome.  He’s given me plenty to think about and plan for.  But I’m not sure that a news channel is the appropriate venue for that kind of thing.

I’ve learned a great deal from Beck and I know that he’s not going to be gone.  We’ll just have to wait and see where he pops up next and what pops up with him.

Soon-to-be new owner of NPR – George Soros

From soros.org via The Drudge Report

It appears that George Soros has Murdick —oops, I mean Murdoch envy. As in Rupert Murdoch.

He’s donated over $1m to NPR to increase coverage of the legislature in “all  50 states.” Soon he’ll be a radio mogul on the level of Rush and has his sights on being another Murdoch when he takes over PBS. He runs, oh how many web blogs? A dozen or so? Which puts him above and beyond Breitbart. And then of course, if you watch Beck you already know that he funds (therefore owns) a dozen so-called community organizing groups from the Tides Foundation to Van Jones’ Color of Change. Many of these groups have members who wrote – WROTE – the recent legislations that have so infuriated the American people.

Our own legislators did not write the health care or stimulus bills. The same ones they never read.

Those bills, for all intents and purposes were written by George Soros through his surrogates.

I want my money out of NPR and PBS. Let Soros fund them.

Look at the take over this man has accomplished and he’s not done yet. He owns our medical care and has put each of us in debt to the tune of $43,000. He wants to bury Fox, Beck and Rush (and all those like Beck and Rush.) If you’ve been watching Beck you know that Soros is infiltrating our schools, as we speak and attempting to do so in our churches.

Can any evangelicals out there spell AntiChrist?

If I believed in an AntiChrist, I’d spell it: S-O-R-O-S

John Podesta new panelist on Fox News Sunday?

Hell really has frozen over!

John Podesta with communist Van Jones

Podesta served on the staff of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) from 1981 to 1988. Leahy was an early advocate of circumventing the U.S. Constitution by gaining control over federal courts. Podesta assisted Leahy in pioneering the indiscriminate smearing and filibustering of any and all Republican judicial nominees — a practice previously unknown in Washington.

In 1988 Podesta teamed up with his brother Anthony to form the Washington lobbying firm Podesta Associates. One of their first clients was Michael Dukakis. John Podesta served as opposition research director — commonly dubbed a “dirt digger” — for Dukakis’ 1988 presidential campaign.

From Discoverthenetworks.org

Van Jones, supporter of a cop killer

I wrote about this months ago.

Glenn Beck brought this up today in his radio and tv show.

It’s a despicable story and those who support this man, are beneath contempt. That includes the makers of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and believe me, I will never buy their product.

Roxanna’s book club: you wanna join – it’s better than Oprah’s

I think – and my blogging is all about what I think – that people are angry because they are afraid. I think people are afraid because they’ve lost trust: trust in our valued institutions (banks, for instance), trust in our leaders (approval ratings of congress are at an all time low) and trust in each other (do we know we are going to still be employed 12 months from now?)

So we are angry because we’re afraid and afraid because we can no longer trust that the tried and true methods of dealing with the massive world changes are working.

In Joshua Cooper Ramo’s book “The Age of the Unthinkable” he talks about how we keep doing the same things (that worked in the past) to deal with events that are constantly changing. He says: “we’ve left our futures… in the hands of people whose single greatest characteristics is that they are bewildered by the present.” And that the “sum of their misconceptions has now produced a tragic paradox: policies designed to make us safer instead make the world more perilous.”

“History’s grandest war against terrorism, for instance, not only fails to eliminate terrorism, it creates more dangerous terrorism. Attempts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons instead encourage countries to accelerate their quest for an atom bomb.”

Here we are. Van Jones was forced to resign from his White House job because, fundamentally he is a communist and a person who believes that not only is white America deliberately polluting the poor (read that, black) neighborhoods in this country, but he believes that the American government was involved in the 9/11 murders of nearly 3000 people:

Now Jones is being sought after to speak at private high schools and given a job at Princeton.

The people’s response to this man in the White House – even if his office was in the basement behind a stack of storeage boxes – and thanks to men like Glenn Beck who put the spotlight on him, caused his weak-end (that is not a typo) sneaky departure.

But he’s like Superman: he can’t be killed. I mean that in the metaphorical sense, not the literal. In other words an idea can’t be stopped. His idea, wrong headed as it is, is that of American communism. And it seems that no matter what we do, we can’t kill the idea, we can’t stop the spread of this cancer in our collective system. People like him intend that the communism cancer is spread and becomes all consuming:

We got Jones out of a government position but he comes back stronger and more popular in another form and with a new function. We won one battle but the war drags on at another front.

This is just a minor example of the paradox that Ramo talks about in his book. But it’s the minor skirmishes that seem to bother me the most. If we can’t eradicate the minor things (like the Van Jones ideology) how do we ever think we can win the big ones (like a world safe from Al Qaeda?)

We won 2 world wars. There was a beginning and an end and the United States ended them. I’m in the old mindset that Ramo talks about: We are a good and right people and we can beat anything. But now, I am afraid that I can no longer trust that way of thinking.

Is it no longer enough to be good and right? And why isn’t it? The subtitle of his book is “Why the new world disorder constantly surprises us and what we can do about it.” Maybe by the time I finish it, I’ll have my answers and I’ll be less afraid.

Quote of the day from an “American Treasure”?

“You’ve never seen a Columbine done by a black child. Never,” [Van] Jones said. “They always say, ‘We can’t believe it happened here. We can’t believe it’s these suburban white kids.’ It’s only them!” he said. “Now, a black kid might shoot another black kid. He’s not going to shoot up the whole school.”

Van Jones: the face of American communism

Where was Van Jones, Al Sharpton and TheOne when Derrion Albert was beaten to death by other black kids? All he was doing was walking home from school. Arnie Duncan showed up with of few of these loud mouths and made a big show of caring for a couple days.

Where are they now? What did their little pony show go after that?

The NAACP will be awarding Jones some great image award. He’s being courted all over the country by democrats and leftists to speak at this college and that private school. Kirsten Gillibrand (Senator NY) will be sitting in on a conference with him next month.

He’s become a mega star to the black community and apparently to the democrat party.

Do the mainstream democrats really want to align themselves with a self avowed communist? Is that the direction that they want their party to go?  Do they want to be viewed as de facto communists?

(Updated) Kevin Jennings needs to make a Van Jones exit

Eleven installments and still practically no one outside BigGovernment is even touching this story!

The suggested reading materials that Jennings approved for children is beyond inappropriate and if any one else were providing it to minors, they’d be in jail.

A lot of the information in this stuff was unknown to me until I was nearly 40 years old. These kids are being exposed to information, instructions and illustrations that is blatantly pornographic and way beyond their years. And Kevin Jennings approved all of it! His creepy fingerprints are all over this.

I’ve contacted my senators and congressman, even though they have no jurisdiction over these presidential appointments. I will be contacting Arnie Duncan and TheOne.

Jennings needs to creep out of Washington, under the cover of night like Jones did.

He’s a disgrace.

GrassRoots Nation is circulating a petition to have Jennings removed.

Next installment on Kevin Jennings

More on the Jennings story at BigGovernment.

Why is no one paying attention to this guy and his past behavior? He needs to go the way of Van Jones – sneaking out in the dark of a Saturday night.

This is guy is disgusting and having him in any government job is unacceptable.

Listen to this guy, if you can stand it. He is nothing more than an elite academic spewing numbers and statistics that make him appear oh so smart and oh so important and saying oh so much of nothing.

What a bunch of crap!

Jennings: the best advertisement for home schooling

Kevin Jennings

From BigGovernment and Gateway Pundit. This is a true must read but be warned, it’s sexually graphic and highly disturbing. And why Kevin Jennings still has a position in the White House is a mystery to me! This man doesn’t belong anywhere near our children’s education let alone near our children, period!

Just as Van Jones and Anita Dunn (yea, I know her job was ‘a temporary” position from the beginning) were unceremoniously drummed out of their WH positions, someone HAS to take up the charge to get Jennings out. The stuff sited in the Gateway Pundit blog is disturbing and inappropriate. Exposing children to the kind of sexual information that Jennings and his cohorts are recommending to teachers, borders on criminal.

This is information that most adults don’t want to be exposed to. But to put this stuff on a “recommended reading list” for classroom use, is totally appalling!

The literature sited is not educational but pornographic and the genre of adult reading. None of it is for children. Not for a minute would I call for banning or censoring books and authors but these books are not appropriate for classroom discussion.

This guy needs to go. That is simply it. And someone with a loud voice has to take up the charge.