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The new commie T-shirt icon

To be replacing Che Guevara on all commie T-shirts…

Van Jones t-shirts, coming to a Gap store near you.

The final words by Ayn Rand

What was really behind a national day of service?

On 9/11, in complete contrast to what the day has meant historically to this country, Obama asked us to surrender the traditional meaning of the day into a day of service to our neighborhoods, our community and our country.

Why on this day of all days, did he try and require us to preform a service to our neighbors and communities? Could it be that he, like his followers, believe that we have to atone for something? That we are doing some sort of penance for a wrong we’ve committed?

Does he, in his heart of hearts, believe like most of the lunatic left, that we brought those attacks on ourselves? Remember the words of his minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “America’s chickens have come home to roost!”

Because we are a capitalist nation, a nation that believes in individualism and is not a Islamic theocracy, were we somehow asking for this to happen? Does he honestly believe that those almost 3000 innocents died because we somehow deserved these attacks?

Does this explain his Islamic world apology tour last spring? Is this why he wanted school children to write letters setting goals on how to “serve their president?” Is he trying to set a new tone for Americans?

It seems to fall into place for me. I’ve become a real cynic since this man took office.  So many things he does and says feel like part of a grand, secret scheme to me: This “Christian” president has not found or attended church since taking office, except for a funeral. He did not honor or recognize the National Day of Prayer. But he did honor Ramadan by hosting a White House dinner for Muslim Americans.

And as an aside, it’s interesting to note a couple things: his vacation officially began on Monday, August 24th – Ramadan began on Saturday, August 22nd and  the word Islam means  surrender and service of oneself to Allah.

Klavan’s Obama Craptacular Crap-o-Meter

Love this guy! He’s terrific:

A new Mickey Mouse government agency – literally

We are headed for a new government agency to promote tourism and funnel millions of dollars to profitable corporations such as Disney and Marriott to advertise themselves. We will be subsidizing advertising for corporations that are already profitable and already spending their own money on foreign market advertising.

A new tax of $10 per person, that will be levied on foreign tourists entering the United States will fund the Travel Promotion Act. An estimated $400million that could be spent by those tourists at restaurants and gift shops or maybe tipping a cabbie – small businesses, in other words – will be instead passed on to the big corporations to advertise overseas.

This is nothing but another assault on small business.

Let’s be clear, Disney is not suffering. They posted $4.4billion in profits last year and just closed a $4billion deal last week to purchase Marvel Comics. Corporations like Marriott and Disney spend millions of dollars – their own dollars – to promote and advertise in foreign markets. Now they are about to get another windfall at the expense of tourists and small businesses by imposing this new tax and creating yet another government agency.

We all know what happens when the government tries to take charge of anything. (The US post office is a ringing indorsement for their success and more recently, the takeover of auto companies.) And the Europeans will retaliate, count on it, by imposing a tax of their own on Americans traveling overseas.

This is not a bailout. It’s a giveaway.

You have to wonder, or at least I do, what’s the pay back here?