Ohio jumps in state improvement standings but governor gets no credit

According to CNBC, in just a year, Ohio has jumped from 29th place to 5th in their “most improved” state category:

Ohio is this year’s most improved state, jumping 11 places to 23rd overall, thanks to a huge improvement in cost of doing business. Ohio improved to fifth place in our most important category, from 29th place last year. A multiyear effort to reform the tax code in the Buckeye State is paying off with a tax structure that welcomes new investment. At the same time, wages have fallen in Ohio relative to other states. That helps businesses on the cost side, but workers suffer.

Ohio has a governor who is opening the state up to business opportunities and new investments and yet, worker’s wages have fallen? That makes no sense to me and I’d like to know where those stats come from. Business investment goes hand in hand with increased job opportunity and increased wages.

But Lord knows that a left wing organization like CNBC will never give credit to Governor Kasich for doing the hard and often unpopular things in Ohio.

2 responses to “Ohio jumps in state improvement standings but governor gets no credit


    Kasich is up against it, make no bones about it.
    He was left with $1.97 in the rainy day fund. We now have $187,000 in the rainy day fund.
    Go figure.
    The last gov., Strickland couldn’t spend money fast enough.
    Kinda like the present Washington administration.
    Kasich has the spine to stare down the libs, like Chris Christy in New Jersey.
    So far, I give Kasich a thumbs up.
    We shall see.

  • Righthook38

    No surprise here. That just shows you that the left wing media is more concerned about ideology than about the American people they claim to care about. They’ll spin anything to avoid giving credit to a Republican.

    Governor Kasich is great. I don’t know a whole lot about him, but I watched him on Fox for a long time. Good guy.

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