Obama continues to vote present because he just likes Being There

Obama has not only diminished the nation in the eyes of the world but he’s diminished the office of president in the eyes of the American people.  It’s a shame when Americans have lost all pride in the POTUS and the first family. It’s sad that he’s such a bumbling fool, which reflects on all of us.

From bowing to foreign leaders:

from AmericanThinker.com

to denying American  exceptionalism to escorting the Dalai Lama past the garbage and out of the White House via the back door,

from FrugalCafeBlogZone.com

Obama has weakened our position on the world stage.

So, when the president is selling $5 raffle tickets from his living room in the White House for a dinner with him or Joe Biden, it’s obvious to all that the prestige of the office is in the basement. It’s on par with the sleaziness of selling the Lincoln bedroom.


Let’s hope a dinner with a common American goes better than this one did:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Obamas are totally out of their element as the First Family of America.


Obama has the Alinsky community organizer job down very well: give the idea and incentive and then delegate so if (or when) it doesn’t work out, he has clean hands. It’s really nothing more than a continuation of voting “present” by just Being There.

Just Being There (in the White House) is all he really wants anyway: the perks and the private concerts with super stars, the private jet and personal chef. Honestly, after reading Michael Barone in the National Review today, I can see why BO wants to be president again. Being There is just so easy.

Which past leader does Barack Obama most closely resemble? His admirers, not all of them liberals, used to compare him to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.


But there is another comparison I think more appropriate for a president who, according to one of his foreign-policy staffers, prefers to “lead from behind.” The man I have in mind is Chauncey Gardiner, the character played by Peter Sellers in the 1979 movie Being There.

Peter Sellers as Chauncey Gardiner in Being There. And many believe that just like Chauncey, Obama walks on water, too.

As you may remember, Gardiner is a clueless gardener who is mistaken for a Washington eminence and becomes a presidential adviser. Asked if you can stimulate growth through temporary incentives, Gardiner says, “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well, and all will be well in the garden.”

“First comes the spring and summer,” he explains, “but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.” The president is awed as Gardiner sums up, “There will be growth in the spring.”

Kind of reminds you of Barack Obama’s approach to the federal budget, doesn’t it?


On all these issues, Obama seems oddly disengaged, aloof from the hard work of government, hesitant about making choices.

That doesn’t sound like Lincoln. Or Roosevelt. Or even Jimmy Carter. More like “then we have fall and winter.”


5 responses to “Obama continues to vote present because he just likes Being There

  • loopyloo305

    They are squatters living high off the amenities until we can evict them in 2012!

  • Righthook38

    Good article. You hit the nail on the head. It’s about the power and perks. He doesn’t care about the dignity of the office. I remember how often Bush talked about how his presidency was bigger than himself….it was about the office, and what that means. He wanted to keep the dignity of the office, and that’s why he didn’t fight back against the smears, and why he now refuses to comment on Obama and his decisions (or indecision). He had 10x the class Obama will ever hope to have. Obama is an embarrassment to the office.

    This raffle is pathetic. And it appears he’s breaking some campaign finance laws. But of course, he appears to be above the law, so that’s ok. I mean, who is going to go after him? Holder??? Hmph.

    • roxannadanna

      That raffle idea is simply an embarrassment! My God – is this like a high school office campaign? And like you say, it’s also illegal but no one will do anything about it – also just like you said. The press just ignores everything he does.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I agree it’s very sleazy and cheesy conducting a raffle to have dinner with the prez and vp. It’s a joke and I would laugh except it makes me want to scream and cry in frustration.

    • roxannadanna

      Amen freedom. I have days when I just can’t look at the news or my blog because it’s such an uphill battle with this man and his media.

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