Read it and weep, Media Matters – Fox just keeps on winning!


MSNBC returned to its perch in second place behind Fox News for the second quarter of 2011, beating CNN among the key group of viewers 25-54 in prime time. MSNBC averaged 273,000 viewers 25-54 in prime, compared to CNN’s 234,000. Fox News easily held on to its ranking as the number one network in cable news in the period, with 413,000 viewers 25-54 in prime. Fox’s win was made easy by having all of the top five cable news programs (viewers 25-54): O’Reilly Factor (636,000 viewers), Hannity (501,000), Glenn Beck (413,000), On the Record (398,000) and the O’Reilly repeat at 11 p.m. (384,000).

Overall, Fox News has had 38 consecutive quarterly wins in terms of total viewers, and was strong enough to rank fourth among all cable channels. MSNBC, by comparison, ranked 26th and CNN placed 28th.

10 responses to “Read it and weep, Media Matters – Fox just keeps on winning!

  • SandySays1

    My human is 70. He says that much of the media in the US is looking like Pravda, et al. He watches FOX unless he needs a good laugh.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Without question FOX is the most balanced of the news outlets.

  • blogsensebybarb

    I have the great honor of working with Seniors on a daily basis, and let me tell you the numbers of Seniors discounting the major network news are growing! I cannot keep my mouth shut, of course, but they’re quite willing to listen as I rail against Obama and the current administration and the major news networks. My three children and their friends are swinging over … My motto is … One by one they’re coming to their senses! 😉

    • roxannadanna

      Hi Barb! Good to see you again!
      I used to work in a nursing home and I know what you’re saying. These folks (like you and I and millions of others) are sick and tired of what’s happening to our country. And it seems the only place to get a full range of news is on Fox.

  • laurenandantsmom

    That’s because FNC is the ONLY FAIR and BALANCED news station out there. I have not watched any other stations in YEARS-they make me sick with their so-called “news”.

    • roxannadanna

      I’ve tried to watch some of the other news, to see what and how they are reporting it, but they just end up making me furious LOL so I have to turn it off!


    FOX is becoming too moderate for me, perhaps that is why they have the viewers they have.
    It will be interesting to see who FOX plugs into Glenn Becks time slot.
    We shall see how the gauge moves between the coverage of moderates vs. liberals vs. conservatives on FOX.

    Cheers Roxy. 🙂

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