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The tide IS turning

Make this viral. 213,00 views just isn’t enough!

Raising the price of stamps again – forever

The "forever" stamp

I say raise the price of stamps to a dollar and be done with it. What is this $.41 or $.44 stuff? Just raise it to a number that can be easily calculated and be done with it. I’m sick of the USPS nickle and diming us every year. I’m with the numbers who believe that stamps are already too high but let’s get real. If this stupid government run agency is $7billion in the red, 2 cents a year will do nothing to fix it. Well, it will raise $2billion for them but that’s not going to fix the problem.

It’s just stupid.

There is no fixing this thing. They will never be fiscally responsible. They will never run this thing like a private business would be run. No business could continue to function in this kind of debt and yet, we keep bailing them out, every year to the tune of a couple pennies. No one in government will be gutsy enough to drop the reigns and either let this become privatized or let it just die.

Privatizing the post office, as well as AmTrak, would be the smartest thing the government could do. But when, in current times, did the government do any thing smart?

It’s definite that they aren’t saying anything smart:

Best of all reasons to stop going to movies

Michael Moore from 2008 –  it’s easy to tell that he’s semi-serious about bringing Castro to the Oscars:

Now, he’s been appointed to the Board of Governors of the Academy Awards. In a recent interview, Moore rails against the Catholic Church as being anti-woman and yet supports peace with a nation that still stones women and keeps them under hidden under sheets. He is anti-war and yet supports peace with a nation that has declared it will kill all Americans for paying taxes that support our military. Moores philosophy is that they have declared war on us and that’s our fault so we need to just live with the results.

This man is a loon and he’s a traitor. He’s made millions in America and off of Americans and can say nothing positive about his fellow citizens.