Daily Archives: July 25, 2010

They con the world, but not us

I had to post this again because it’s just too good – too true.

I hope that the Israelis know they are not on their own or all alone in this anti-Semtic, hostile, hateful world.

Christians arrested in Dearborn, cameras and equipment confiscated

I don’t know how this has turned out. The video was posted on July 6th and a lot could be different now. On this website that is associated with this video, the blogger says that today (7-25-10) the mayor of Dearborn was going to be on the radio show and “tell his side of the story.”

Dearborn, MI has the highest population of Muslims in the entire United States.

The radio show is being broadcast now live here. This show started at 3pm PST.

The Dearborn Christians website is here.

Their YouTube site is here.