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Frontline Club – Events: FULLY BOOKED Special event: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at the Frontline Club

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To provide for the common defense

To provide for the common defense.

Obama is, for all intends and purposes, shutting down our nuclear missles and our space program. How can this government possibly be doing its constitutional mandate to provide for our defense while closing down those things that are tantamount to protect us?

This guy,  Assange, in Norway or Iceland or where ever he is, is spewing out documents that harm our soldiers and informants and is now threatening to leak more in the days to come. He says that his site has “inspired” more people with security clearances to come forward and provide him with more information.  And our government seems to be impotent to stop this.

To provide for the common defense.

Ohama’s regime is not doing that.  It is not preparing for the future and Hugo Chavez will be the first in line to procure wmd’s from his alliance of  fellow evil dictators when the day comes that they are available to him. We are not prepared for another 9/11 and by scaling down our military and space options, we will be struggling to catch up once this guy is out of the White House – provided we aren’t attacked again before then.

Recycling, because I want to

Several years ago, I was posting at a bulletin board that is full of anti-Americans and anti-America Americans. You know, they are leftists – they believe that Americans are to blame for everything. You’d think they were all Catholics for the amount of guilt that they burden themselves with, for cryin’ out loud. Americans do nothing right or good and never have, according to these people and you could never make them acknowledge one thing America ever did positive without a “but” added to their statements. And my God – if you’re a Catholic/Christian, it’s the double whammy from them.

Needless to say, you can imagine why I left that little corner of the web.

But one day, while I was still posting there, this moron was talking about how we all must start recycling and conserving more and this should be “enforced” on those who won’t do it. Enforced. Okay. I asked him how will this be enforced? Are we going to start a brigade of trash police? These guys who will go door to door, garage to garage and fine people who aren’t putting newspapers in the paper bin and their diet Coke cans in the right box? How did he purpose to enforce this? And then how do you expect to pay for it?

He got pissed off and called me names and that ended that discussion. Typical liberal tactics. They never think through their proposals, they just mandate them. And if you don’t go along and you have a valid argument opposing them, they resort to name-calling.

But be that as it may, I do recycle and have for a long time.  And I do it voluntarily. My daughter’s school collects cans and plastic bottles. I also look for ways to reuse stuff rather than toss it and I routinely drop by St. Vincent DePaul (around 3:00am) and leave offerings.

My sister-in-law recycles and reuses also, by her own choice. You might have seen Dena’s comments here occasionally.

One of her grown sons jokes about this  because he can’t imagine a conservative who is also even a little green.  Which of course, is part of the left’s propaganda machine: conservatives don’t recycle, we just consume and waste stuff. Of course, her son knows better and that’s probably why he thinks it’s so funny, to begin with.

What the left doesn’t understand or want to admit is that conservatives believe in personal responsibility; not forced or enforced regulations. We aren’t stupid or disrespectful about our environment. And in fact, because we are right – and on the right – we take it as seriously, if not more so than anyone else does.