Daily Archives: July 2, 2010

Founders Quote of the day – Alexander Hamilton

“Industry is increased; commodities are multiplied; agriculture and manufacturers flourish; and herein consists the true wealth and prosperity of a state.” — Alexander Hamilton; Report on Manufactures, 1790

Why can’t anyone in government today, understand this?

Obama’s little red book

"Good Good Study, day day up." Whatever the hell that means...

"You ask me, me ask who?"

Friends of ours just returned from a trip to China and this is what they brought us. It’s a blank book but is  interspersed with illustrations of Obama and similar nonsensical phrases:

“Loves his mother who, who, who.”

“Pighead 3. Go dead.”

“You don’t bird me. I don’t bird you.”

“Have something to say, then say. Have nothing to say, go home!”

I love this one: Obama in an acron cap. It reads "Dear wang girl, first eye see you. I horse up love you."

Should he be flattered or is this some kind of Mandarin insult?

Klavan on Electile Dysfunction and the Economic Crisis

Pete Stark- 2 years ago

“Bush just likes to blow things up” including our children: