Daily Archives: July 10, 2010

Retribution justice

You know, it’s amazing to me that the guy sitting in the White House has to host a beer summit over “cops who acted stupidly” but has absolutely nothing to say about this:

Why isn’t this guy in jail? If this isn’t hate speech, nothing is. If this isn’t inciting people (or trying to incite them) into acts of violence, nothing is. Why has the president nothing to say about this? His pastor, Jeremiah Wright has been in Chicago preaching his racism and no one, including the White House or Obama, speaks out against that. In fact, no one but Fox News has even reported it.

But by God, white cops act stupidly!

You can’t deal with people in a rational way when they live by a different set of rules and that’s the problem we have now.  To black liberationists (like Obama) racism only exists with white people. Minorities can’t be racist and they can’t be guilty of hate speech. Therefore, the DOJ is refusing to prosecute hate crimes against whites.

This is nothing short of retribution justice – hey, I just coined that phrase, so I’m claiming it! – against all white people… all white people who aren’t in the administration or aren’t part of the elite progressive party.

Defeating a liberal education – Part II

When my son, Michael, was in middle school we attended Parent-Teacher night.

His social studies teacher was a total jerk. ( I can’t use the word I’d like to because this is a family friendly site but that word rhymes with itch.) She had it in for Michael, no question and it was because his dad was not only an EMPLOYER, which is a filthy job to Marxist educated teachers, but to add insult to injury, he was a conservative employer. As the owner/publisher/editor of a newspaper, Rich’s opinions were often on the Op-Ed page and it was no secret what his political views were. Those opinions ran counter to everything that the liberal/statist/Marxist teachers want us to believe.

So back to Parent-Teacher night.

On the blackboard this teacher had written one question: “Was Jim Bowie a good guy or a bad one?”  I admit to being pretty ignorant about Jim Bowie. I know he died at the Alamo, there’s a knife named after him and British rock star David Jones took the name as his stage name out of admiration for the American hero. (I love David Bowie, by the way.)

But the question as to whether Jim Bowie was a good guy or not – and the correct answer for her was  not –  is so stilted.  If he had any hand in helping to open the West and in doing so, displaced the Indians, then he was bad. And no argument to the contrary would be acceptable.

We quizzed this teacher on her blackboard question and she substantiated our opinion: she was a leftist who was teaching leftist philosophy to her students and my son, in particular.

Michael stuck out 9 months with this teacher and having her marginalize him in the classroom, but when the school year was over, I made my opinion of her and her teaching style and standards known to the principal.

I rocked her boat in a big way when I knew Michael would not have her as a teacher again.

Defeating a liberal education

When Jane (my daughter) went off to college, it was to UNLV which was only 60 miles from home. Therefore, she was able to come home often and usually with a large laundry basket, too. She grew up in a conservative household. Her father was a small business owner (of a newspaper) and employed up to 60 people. He is a rare journalist – a NON liberal.

We could see the liberal education at UNLV start creeping into her thought process. But we were still able to exert our influence because she came home often. It was scary to see the changes that the statist professors were having on her mindset. But somewhere in all that, she picked up Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and read it –  all nearly 1200 pages of it.  I can almost guarantee that not one of her professors suggested she read it nor was it on the reading list for any of her classes.

Then she read The Fountainhead and Anthem.

I remember one weekend she came home from college and said “Mom, you have to read this book!” waving Atlas Shrugged at me. It was a paperback, in 6pt font and thick as a brick. Yea, okay. One day I will.

And of course, never did. 6 point font? 1200 pages? You’ve got to be kidding me!

But then one day, a couple of years later, I found it on tape in a bookstore. I listened to it going back and forth to work and while I cleaned house and did laundry. I fell asleep at night listening to it. It was fabulous and enlightening and as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.  It’s a celebration of freedom and capitalism. It was so good that I went out and bought the book.

I’ve read or listened to it now, 3 times.

The amazing thing about this is that Ayn Rand and her books are anti everything that Jane’s college professors were, and are still today, teaching. Jane discovered this book on her own and understood the message without Cliff notes or a college discussion class. And she came out of college with little liberal damage… Thank God!