A job the UN might just be able to handle

This is so sad and in my mind, these are crimes against humanity. The antiquities and archeological sites are being looted by out of control Egyptians because there is no one to protect them. Would this not be a use for the impotent UN? Couldn’t they go in and guard this stuff while the Egyptians sort out their nation’s future and direction?

According to the now former head of antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass. “since Mubarak’s resignation, looting has increased all over the country, and our antiquities are in grave danger from criminals trying to take advantage of the current situation.”

Anyone who ever watched the Discovery or History Channels, recognizes Dr. Hawass, sporting his famous Indiana Jones fedora.

Dr. Hawass has announced that he will no longer serve as minister of antiquities due to the animosity that now exists in the so-called government of Egypt. This is a real loss for them. Dr. Hawass is a remarkable man who’s been a terrific good will ambassador for his nation while promoting Egypt’s great history to people around the globe. The impact he’s had on tourism had to have been immense. But now there are many in the current leadership who feel that his ties with the Mubarak regime are too close.

Close ties to Mubarak or not, Dr. Hawas was a true believer in his country’s historical impact on the world and a true lover of his nation’s history.  His zeal for the greatness of the Egyptian civilization can’t be denied. If you haven’t figured it out, I loved watching any history show that he was featured in.

Now he has to stand down and watch his country’s greatest treasures being trashed by his fellow countrymen. This must be heartbreaking for him because it sure does hurt me to know this is happening.  And if there was ever a cause that the UN was maybe capable of carrying out, it would be the protection of Egypt’s treasures.

It appears however, that the UN is too busy worrying about human rights violations in every nation that’s not Islamic to be bothered with these real life crimes against humanity in Egypt.

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