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Westboro Baptist church to protest at Taylor’s funeral – “She should’ve obeyed God”

Two of Taylors best friends, Rock Hudson (who died of AIDS) and Montgomery Clift were gay.

From TMZ via Time Magazine today:

Friends and family of Elizabeth Taylor may get unexpected visitors at her funeral — picketers from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Margie Phelps, daughter of the hate group’s leader Fred Phelps, tweeted Wednesday that they would picket Taylor’s funeral, most likely because of Taylor’s gay friends and humanitarian work against AIDS. Phelps also tweeted several attacks on Taylor, including “RIP Elizabeth Taylor is in hell as sure as you’re reading this & getting mad as a wet hen. She should’ve obeyed God. Too late!”

Taylor was a prominent AIDS activist, starting the American Foundation for AIDS Research after the 1985 death of Rock Hudson. In 25 years, the foundation raised over $100 million. (via TMZ)

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from my email via Eric Odom:

Definitely read the link to his page, too.

The last movie star – Elizabeth Taylor

The most beautiful woman - Elizabeth Taylor

I love Elizabeth Taylor. She’s always been my favorite actress and I own several of her movies.  Not only will she be remembered for her beautiful violet eyes but, according to an authorized bio I read a couple years ago, she was born with 2 rows of eyelashes.  After seeing a picture of her as a toddler, below,  it’s easy to believe.

Elizabeth's beautiful eyes. With her mother, Sara Taylor.

The first academy award that she won, for best actress in Butterfield 8 was the only movie she really disliked. Butterfield 8 is the phone number for the call girl character that she played, Gloria Wandrous. She acted opposite Laurence Harvey and it co-starred Eddie Fisher. It was during the shooting of this movie that she and Eddie had an affair that resulted in the breakup of his marriage to Debbie Reynolds. She and Eddie were married for a short time and her memories of Eddie and their marriage weren’t very pleasant. In fact, he is the only ex-husband that she was truly angry with, up to her death.

Her marriage to Senator John Warner wasn’t a pleasant one either, but it was through him that Karl Rove met Elizabeth for the first and only time. Rove writes in his book Courage and Consequence, that he arrived at their house for the meeting, but instead of being greeted by Warner, Taylor answered the door — “Herself. Alone. In a revealing dressing gown and lingerie. I was agog. Her eyes really were violet.” Warner left her on the farm in rural Virginia, alone and lonely. It was not a happy time in her life and that was reflected in her enormous weight gain.

Elizabeth was, in my opinion and I really don’t care about yours if you disagree with me, the last REAL movie STAR. She had class, elegance and beauty and to those she loved, infinate loyalty. She left us wonderful movies, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cleopatra, and my personal favorite, Suddenly, Last Summer.

For me at least, she will never be gone.


When I go to get my hair cut, this is the style I always ask for. 😉 I have a copy of it in my glove compartment: