Daily Archives: March 25, 2011

A one woman anti-tax crusade

I quit smoking 4 days ago. I don’t want any kudos for that. It means nothing to anyone but me and my family. And this may not work. They say most people quit numerous times before they finally make it stick.

I tried a couple weeks ago and it didn’t work. I used the patch and the gum and they worked for a short time but when the directions say “don’t smoke with the patch on” they have good reason to say that. The patch stopped working for me after a few days. The gum is pretty worthless, too. Or let me say it’s as worthwhile as chewing any gum would be when you are trying to quit.

In 2006 when my brain tumor was found, everyone told me to quit smoking, like that would extend my life or something. My tumor is a chromosomal thing- it has nothing to do with whether I smoke or not.  So I decided that I’d smoke if I wanted to and leave me the hell alone about it. I’m sure not going to die from lung cancer.

Over the last year, I’ve been talking myself into quitting. That’s no easy task when you really enjoy smoking. You have to WANT  to quit for it to work and up until recently, I really didn’t want to quit. I enjoy a cigarette, especially after I eat. And I could find no good reason to quit, either, aside from the rising costs.

But I found a theme that works for me.

Some cigarettes cost nearly $8/pack (where I live) and a lot of that goes to taxes. A lot. Why should I pay anymore in taxes to this inept government? And I buy my cigarettes on the Indian Reservation where they are reeeealy cheap. I wish all smokers could either grow their own tobacco or just quit like me. If they stopped getting cigarette tax dollars, what the hell would they do? Oh… find something else to tax, I’m sure.

But, I’m making my little statement. If I can avoid paying taxes on just ONE thing, if I can screw this government in just ONE small way… it’s worth it!


For anyone who wants to know what has worked for me: I spent the money and bought the electronic cigarettes, like Rush uses.  (blucigs.com) They’ve worked better than anything I’ve tried. The patch works pretty well, as long as you follow the directions and not do what I did – do not smoke while you wear them.  Hard candy (like root beer barrels), suckers and any kind of gum, is helpful.

And as an aside: I know lots of people who used Chantix with good results. I can’t use it, however because of my brain tumor.