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Cartoon of the day – Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez/Townhall.com

Russia upping the ante for Americans to go into space

The last 2 sentences are the most important. With the Obama regime backing off the space industry, it’s time that private enterprise in this nation step in and do the job.

You know, this is getting old already. We are dependent on the Chinese for our debt. We are obligated to the turbulent Middle East for our energy and now we are begging rides to space from the Russians. WE ARE PAYING EVERYONE!

Feel like the butt of everyones jokes yet? The world is laughing at and mocking us!

From FoxNews.com:

NASA, already committed to paying Russia millions of dollars to hitch rides into space, had some expensive news to announce Monday: Russia plan to start charging even more.

With the United States phasing out the shuttle program, the new way for U.S. astronauts to get to the International Space Station will be to catch a ride with the Russians, and NASA’s existing contract for that transport priced each rocket ride at just under $56 million.

Now, Russia is hiking the price for each rocket ride to nearly $63 million in 2014. The contract extension with the Russian Space Agency totals $753 million, which covers trips for a dozen astronauts from 2014 through 2016.

Why such a price hike? NASA officials chalk it up to inflation.

NASA chief Charles Bolden says it’s critical for U.S. companies to take over this transportation job. The space shuttles used to do that job are being retired this summer.


Stunning... from the nationaljournal.com

Baby Joesph gets a second chance in the U.S.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Baby Joesph and his family are Muslim. I do know that his parents are of Lebanese decent but I remember hearing on tv that they were also Muslim.

Who is helping this family do what they want to do with their child?

Priests for Life. You know, those pesky Christians who are being killed and having their churches burned in the Middle East.

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Quotes of the day – Mark Steyn, Mark Levin and Harry Reid

And definately read his entire blog, it’s excellent:

What do you need to write cowboy poetry? Words like “tunbleweed” and “chaps.” Also, torchees, spondees and dactyls. Pencil and paper. Total cost: 79 cents. Maybe you and a half dozen other cowboy poets like to book the back room at the local bar once a month for an evening of cowboy poetry and a few beers. Total cost: couple hundred dollars. Maybe folks get word and figure you should get a bigger room and invite the pubic and charge a three-dollar admission. Why does any of this require national subsidies managed by bureaucracy thousands of miles away?

Well because these days, what doesn’t? Once upon a time, the cowboy embodied the rugged individualism of the frontier. In Harry Reid’s world, he embodies dependency without end. To “preserve”  the “traditionn,” it is necessary to invert everything the tradition represents. From true grit to federally funded grit. Thus America, bouncing along in the Dead Wood Stage of history.

Whipcrack-away, whipcrack-away, whipcrack-away! Mark Steyn

There’s been whispered speculation, in Nevada and now outside, that Harry’s losing it in his old age. I think this is proof someone is on to something:

And this is good for laughs, even if like me, you’ve heard Mark on this already: