Random thoughts for Monday

These unions get us coming and going. Morning Bell at the Heritage Foundation says that the teacher’s “sick-in” could cost Wisconsin taxpayers up to $6million. A story from MacIver Institute, explains how much these work absences will cost the state, thanks to “doctors” who are signing work excuses to protesters on the picket lines. No one knows how many of these “doctors” are even genuinely licensed.

The unions are doing nothing but alienating public opinion. Those of us in the private sector are watching this and seeing how much these folks will be getting in pensions and we aren’t liking it. And we are liking less, the protesters when they are asked to shoulder a little of the burden that we have had to carry for years. So, I say keep it up. Membership in unions is declining (it’s under 11% of the work force now) and they aren’t doing anything positive for their cause.


I have to ask: how smart is it to take your spring break in Mexico or go hiking along the Iranian border or to sail your yacht along the coast of Somalia? I mean, seriously.


I hope the Republicans who voted with the Democrats on the budget last week have some kind of good explanation for doing so. Some of those defecting to the dark side were Tea Party candidates and all of them ran on budget cuts and repealing ObamaCare, when they were elected last November.  This is highly disappointing. And sure does make me question my faith in the party.


And then there’s this:

For 50 years, Democrats have harbored traitors, lost wars, lost continents to communism, hobnobbed with the nation’s enemies, attacked America’s allies, and counseled retreat and surrender. Or as they call it, ‘foreign policy.’ As Joe McCarthy once said, if liberals were merely stupid, the laws of probability would dictate that at least some of their decisions would serve America’s interests.” –columnist Ann Coulter

But we know that none of their decisions have served America. . .

6 responses to “Random thoughts for Monday

  • Bob Mack

    Annie’s got a way with words. These union folks are desperate. Hell, I really don’t blame the workers–after all, self interest is the fuel that powers progress; but they’ve been sold down the road by a corrupt leadership, many of whom are socialists and outright communists, who have looted their health & welfare funds, used them as shock troops for the ‘revolution’, and used the dues paid by membership as a slush fund for the Democrats. One mentioned on my blog today that they were ‘fighting for their Constitutional right to collective bargaining’. I was almost sorry to inform them that there was no such animal in the Constitution. There are labor laws, and those can be changed by the legislature.

    • roxannadanna

      They are paying dues — for what? So that those funds can be donated to democrats. Why are they not using those funds to finance health care and pensions so that the average non-union tax payer doesn’t have to foot this bill? Like the rest of America, I’m sick and tired of paying for every one else. I pay for myself, my family and my dogs. No one is there looking out for us. And if I have to pay for every one else, then I want a say in what they are doing with that money. They owe me that! Open those union books and let us see where all the money has gone!

      • AFVET

        Also Roxy, keep in mind that the public school system in it’s entirety is paid for with property taxes, at least in Ohio, which BTW is unconstitutional according to the Constitution of Ohio.
        We live next door to a conservative teacher in our local school system.
        She hates the fact that her dues are going to support candidates that she abhors.
        I hate the fact that my tax dollars are eventually making their way to elect people like Obama.

        The resurrection of common sense is upon us, and as welcome as a fresh breeze after a long cold winter.

        The liberals are facing their demise and they will fight tooth and nail to stop it.


    Ann Coulter is correct, as per the McCarthy comment as you posted above.
    The next two years IMO, will be like watching the liberals swim around as we would watch fish in an aquarium.
    It will become more and more educational as we proceed toward the 2012 election cycle.

    • roxannadanna

      They need to keep this up because they are helping our cause lots more than they are doing anything for themselves.

      You can bet, as Rush stated today, that the unions did their own internal polling and decided it would be best if everyone went back to work. Public opinion really isn’t on there side right now.

      uh- huh.

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