Daily Archives: February 10, 2011

Is “winning the future” out?

There might be a new catch phrase for this presidents reelection campaign – “seizing the future”, different from “WTF – winning the future.

I guess someone got smart and/or heard Sarah Palin’s remarks on the many WTF comments the TheOne made in his SOTU speech.  Yesterday, Biden used the seizing thing in his speech, several times.

But I know what STF really means to conservatives like us – STOP THE F%#*ER! or it could be STOP THE FAKER!

And I bet you could come up with some even better than those. Knock yourselves out and see what you can come up with.


Iranium the movie – 56 terrifying minutes

This is going to be available for free online viewing for a limited time.  If you have not seen it and have an hour to spare, it’s worth watching.

I held my new grandson and rocked him while I watched this. There are no effective words for how terrifying this is to our future and his. I grew up with the fear of the cold war.  It was nothing as horrific as this could be.

It’s our worst nightmare.