Daily Archives: February 17, 2011

Stupid government, stupid politicians and appointees

Listening to Bernie Sanders (VT – socialist) just makes my blood boil. This guy is the most sanctimonious, pompous ass in politics. Why those folks in Vermont have elected him, is a mystery to me. Today in the budget hearings with Tax Cheat Tim, Sanders wasted a third of his 7 minutes, bragging on himself and his past voting record and blaming the Republicans for the financial mess we are in – as though it’s only the Republicans who are at fault.

Poor example of ducking a question: When asked if the individual mandate was a penalty or a tax, Geithner said that would be up to the lawyers to decide. I guess like his boss, Obama, that question is “above his pay grade.”

Driving home yesterday from Las Vegas, it occurred to me that maybe Mayor Bloomberg should be worrying more about the bedbug infestation in NYC and less about 4th or 14th hand smoke in Time Square. I mean Geeeze – isn’t it more deleterious to tourism to suffer from bedbugs, than to worry about somebody, who’s 20 feet away, smoking on the beach?  New Yorkers must be as stupid as Vermonters: Bloomberg is a real cluck.

Doesn’t it make sense to everyone who understands how free markets work that if high speed passenger trains were profitable, Union Pacific would have them running full bore? But obviously, since AmTrak doesn’t work, it goes without saying that we need to dump $53billion into high speed trains.

What our government knows best: how to waste tax dollars.