Just call me the turtle fence sitter

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this is the stupidest thing I’ve read all day – even though the day is only 6am where I live and there’s plenty of time for more stupid things. And it’s a sure bet that there will be equally if not superior stupid things yet to come in this 24 hour period.

Number 1, this bill will never pass due to privacy issues and because of that, it should not pass. I sure wouldn’t want anyone for a mere $100 to be able to get my birth certificate.

Secondly, this bill would not even have been contemplated if the president of the United States took 5 minutes out of his busy schedule filming YouTube videos to tell us to stop eating tater tots, to clear this up, once and for all. But if he really is an American citizen, it’s to his benefit to keep up the conspiracy theories.

Regardless of the truth about his citizenship, this is a win/win for him. He need say nothing and just let the liberal media loose on the “birthers.”

Up until now, for the most part, those who opposed Obama’s policies could not just be opposed to his policies on principle and facts but because they are racist. Now the liberal media and bloggers can include nutty, right-wing birther conspiracy theorists. But they won’t say it that nicely.

I can see all the angles to this birth certificate issue. Part of me agrees with the so-called birthers, while another part of me is cynical enough to think that Obama has just nurtured this conspiracy thing to his benefit.

So, to make my opinion clear on this topic :

4 responses to “Just call me the turtle fence sitter


    Roxy, your cynicism is justified.
    I think this theater on the BC will be played out to the max.


    The Obama administration is a snapping turtle, a vicious beast that lies in wait for the prey it wants.
    We have seen the snapping turtle in action.
    Arizona sued by the US Government.
    That’s just one.


    Obama is the POTUS.
    If he wanted to kill this controversy he would produce the document.
    The confusion on this issue is only promoting more skepticism of his eligibility to serve.


    Interesting picture Roxy.
    Notice the turtle is looking into the camera, while the rest of it’s body is inside of it’s shell.
    I’ve always admired the turtle’s ability to recede into it’s little habitat whenever any danger presented itself.
    It’s body is never fully exposed to it’s enemies.
    Only a crushing force can inflict damage upon the turtle, that which can destroy the shell the animal relies upon to survive.

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