Daily Archives: January 8, 2011

Many on the left show no respect for the day’s tragic events

Pima County sheriff, and I can’t remember his name so I’ll call him Sheriff Dickhead,  is blaming this event on the “vitriol from talk radio and television.” If he said that once during his press conference tonight, he said it 4 times. This is the fault of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Paul Krugman has already put out his “it’s the rightwing nuts” fault meme.

A day like this could not pass for these people on the left, without bringing politics into it. These folks simply cannot  show respect for those injured, slain and heartbroken individuals. It’s just not in their nature. This is an opportunity that they will not pass up.

They are going to use this totally insane act to beat up the right and talk radio. And the screaming from them will do nothing but get worse. This will become a political banner for them.

Never mind that this nutcase has, as far as anyone can ascertain, no ties with a TEA party. Never mind that he names among his favorite books, The Communist Manifesto. Never mind that his YouTube videos and his MySpace page sound a little like an anarchist and nothing like a conservative and are basically incoherent.

Never mind any of that. A democrat Congresswoman was targeted and that’s enough for them to blame the right, conservatives, TEA party members and talk radio.

I will continue to pray for those victims and their families.



Congresswoman Giffords shot in Tucson

Although I have never liked her politics, considering she is a democrat and a finger in the wind kind of politician, this is the most dastardly of deeds! What a tragic event for her and the 12 others who were wounded at a public event in Tucson this morning.

There has been no report yet on her condition or that of the others who were injured.

My prayers today will go out for all of them.