Tell your Hollywood friends to go for it, MISTER Obama!!!

This will assure your downfall next year.

It’s disgusting and beyond unseemly.  George Bush couldn’t, didn’t and would NEVER have tried to use 9/11 for his re-election. But an assassination movie was made about him.

It’s despicable that anyone would use our heros, the Navy Seals, to further the political career of this communist in the WH.

This is simply inexcusable.

UPDATED with this quote:

“The History Channel and the Military Channel do a great job in recreations,” he [Lt.Col. Tony Shaffer] told “So, the question is: Why this and not other relevant elements of the war? This is an anomaly. And who benefits from this? Does the SEAL team benefit?  Does the Department of Defense? The only thing you need to ask yourself is, ‘Who benefits by the release in October?'”

10 responses to “Tell your Hollywood friends to go for it, MISTER Obama!!!

  • nooneofanyimport

    Your title really says it all. They should go for it, for it will only hurt them. It’s amazing that the OFA and H’wood crowd don’t see how utterly ridiculous they’ve become, but hey. Better that they haven’t any clue. Because this is SO LAME. It cannot possibly work.

    I’d be angry, but I’m too amazed and delighted by the way they beclown themselves.


    Well done Roxy,….Keep on keepin’ on. 🙂

  • Conservatives on Fire

    He’ll be coming out with a book about next. The man has no shame It was a foolish and deadly error on the part of this narcissistic jerk to ever have made it public that Seal Team 6 was ever involved the bin Laden killing in the first place!

  • cali

    Not only did bozo and biden put a big target on our Seals, but told the whole world about it. To give access to highly classified material to these leftwing producers is even more disgusting.Don’t think for a minute, that they portray our Finest accuratly, only bozo will be with the added bonus of portraying him as something he is not. Hopefully they give him a superman cape in the movie, so he can fly to Afghanistan to personally take obl out.

    This is nothing but a big clusterfark! Will they include that boza, and biden caused our seals to be murdered?
    By the way, I have sources within the military, and they are talking among themselfs-they are livid. They question whether what we are told is the truth, and why it happen the way it supposedly did. They admit that someting is amiss.
    I hope that this propaganda piece will cause a raucus by those of us, who not only find this in bery bad taste, but also to turn into a big bomb, not making any money producing this movie.
    This will, and I hope backfire.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Besides the shame factor (of which Obama has none) there is the issue of declassifying info just for a movie and what Hollywood may decide to “add” to the movie. In the article, it said that the Pentagon stopped cooperating with The Hurt Locker when when they started adding unsubstanted scenes–of course if was released anyway. Hollywood just wants to get “their” view of the world produced, true of no.

    • roxannadanna

      It’s just pure and simply disgusting. If 9/11 had happened on his watch, he’d have done a movie on that.

      But to release so much info about our seals and their covert activities is a sin and he obviously has no shame.

  • roxannadanna

    It’s s total disgrace and I’m livid, ladies!

    Just imagine a movie about Obama like the one made about Bush. What would happen in this nation if someone did that?

    But he’s going to profit from our great heros? Not in my world, will he!

  • bydesign001

    Well said Roxy. That must be some bubble that this elitis sob is living in. No doubt, Obama is drinking the kool-aid.

  • Righthook

    Maddening. I can’t WAIT to get that man out of the WH! He’s disgracing it.

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