Daily Archives: August 7, 2011

Where do these stupid people come from?

I get comments (about half that I approve) who make the dumbest comments while trying to sound soooo damned smart. I know that you, my fellow bloggers do, too. Today I approved and commented to 2 of them.

It depends on the mood I’m in, whether I approve them or not and it also depends on the snarky factor. If the comment is snotty and condescending, it goes in the dumper. Sometimes I approve the comment just to allow the dummy to get the public exposure he/she wants and I don’t respond. And sometimes the comments are just so stupid that I HAVE to respond.

There was the guy who was on the “blame Bush” meme and tried to say that NASA was being gutted because BUSH STARTED IT. Oh and when I asked him twice if Bush had also turned NASA into a Muslim outreach agency, he ignored that.  Today I’ve got the dummy who says that Muslims wear turbans and are a race of people, so therefore, Juan Williams is a racist for the opinions that got him fired at NPR.

So you dopes, if you can’t say something that is an original thought and you get your positions from the Marxist’s talking points: If you can’t comment with some real damned facts but incendiary and ignorant comments, then just go away.