Daily Archives: August 13, 2011

I’ve learned a new thing today

It’s amazing to me how many people confuse conservative with Republican.  In their minds, they just combine them to be the same thing.

They confuse Republican with TEA party and with conservative, all the time. And they think they know what TEA partiers stand for – like you can put people in a box. Liberals don’t want to be boxed into one kind of thinking but they are real quick to decide that all conservatives are Republican and/or TEA partiers.

One poster wrote that there are more Democrats than Republicans in this country to argue that I was wrong when I said that most of America is center right.  This is not the same argument.  He’s talking political parties when I was talking ideology. There is no comparison in those stats.  There are millions of Americans who claim to be Democrats but when polled on ideology, are more conservative and the reverse is it true, too.

We are not all the same in this country and we all don’t think and feel the same way about issues. There is no one-size-fits-almost-all candidate. You pick the candidate who is closest to your core values but there is never one perfect candidate. And some are more imperfect than others.

And some might not happen to be Republican.  Although looking for a conservative Democrat, so far, is like looking for a unicorn.




Counting on desperately stupid Americans – a couple of great blogs

It is far more difficult to find a Democrat position that actually helps the poor and middle class than it is to point out how their policies in every area hurt the poor and middle class.  This message has to get out.  If a presidential contender was able to get this message across, it would be the end of the Democrats. Read more at Conservatives on Fire


Questioning with Boldness ”Days of Rage coming to Wall Street this September” has done an outstanding piece on what is headed our way. Recall Al Gore and his call to arms? That we needed our own Arab Spring?  I had done a number of posts earlier on the names and faces of those who were behind the unrest in the Middle East.  Read more at Bunkerville