Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Tell your Hollywood friends to go for it, MISTER Obama!!!

This will assure your downfall next year.

It’s disgusting and beyond unseemly.  George Bush couldn’t, didn’t and would NEVER have tried to use 9/11 for his re-election. But an assassination movie was made about him.

It’s despicable that anyone would use our heros, the Navy Seals, to further the political career of this communist in the WH.

This is simply inexcusable.

UPDATED with this quote:

“The History Channel and the Military Channel do a great job in recreations,” he [Lt.Col. Tony Shaffer] told FoxNews.com. “So, the question is: Why this and not other relevant elements of the war? This is an anomaly. And who benefits from this? Does the SEAL team benefit?  Does the Department of Defense? The only thing you need to ask yourself is, ‘Who benefits by the release in October?'”