Daily Archives: August 1, 2011

Dear Joe Biden!

Dear Sir,

It’s unfortunate that “complaint” is not one of the subject options. Or maybe you just don’t take complaints.
How dare you call Americans who disagree with you, terrorists. How is that being patriotic or a the very least, vice presidential?
You have insulted a huge swath of America and they (I) deserve an apology. If I called you names like that, either verbally or in writing, I’d likely have a visit from your renters.
Roxanne T.

Call me Cleo the phone psychic

Keep calling the Americans who want a balanced budget, terrorists. (I’m speaking to you Joe who can’t count the letters in the word JOBS Biden.) Continue to call Americans who want the Constitution to remain the law of the land, Hobbits. One more time, call Americans who want this nation to return to a sensible approach to entitlements, members of Hamas.

Keep it up.

Remember the town hall meetings a couple years ago – the ones that some legislators were afraid to attend? Remember this lady:

Remember the elections of 2010? These new freshmen (most of them) have done what they were elected to do.  Remember the landslide victory of so many tea party candidates?

I have a message for these Marxist and other misguided (John McCain) folks: You’ve seen nothing yet!  As the lady said, a sleeping giant has been awakened and although it’s been mostly quiet for the last year or 2, it’s been awake and watching. It’s been awake and reading and sending emails.  It’s eyes have been wide open and it’s been blogging.

So, you keep name calling and pissing us off and see what happens.

Invoking a perversion of the 14th

The progressive caucus has just come out and spoke against this debt deal. And not only that, they are recommending, nay I say, declaring that Obama invoke their version/interpretation of the 14th Amendment and raise the debt ceiling on his own.

Let’s all watch and see if Obama does this, after he’s said he wouldn’t.


Quote of the day – Mark Steyn

The Libyan war never caught the imagination of the American public, even though you’re paying for most of it. But in Tehran and Moscow and Beijing they’re following it. And they regard it as a useful preview of the post-American world. Absent American will, even a tin-pot desert drag queen can stand up to the great powers and survive. The lesson of Obama’s half-hearted little war isn’t lost in the chancelleries of America’s enemies.

For dominant powers in decline, it starts with the money, for Washington as for London and Rome before it. But it never stops there. The horizons shrivel. Two-bit provocateurs across the map pick off remnants of the old order with ever greater ease.

America has had two roles in a so-called “globalized” world: America’s government was the guarantor of global order; America’s economy was the engine of global prosperity. Right now, both roles are up for grabs. And there are no takers for the former. Pace Nancy Pelosi, “life on this planet as we know it today” is going to change, and very fast.  Mark Steyn/JWR


Can we possibly be looking at a more depressing and dismal future than that of Mark Steyn’s?

America has become irrelevant to the entire world. And that being the case, it’s time to bring all our troops home – and that includes Germany but not South Korea – and regroup. Who do we have to help defend? South Korea and Israel – no one else.

Then, as the title of a previous Steyn book suggests, America will have to go it alone. We cushioned Europe’s financial fall and rebirth after WWII. But there is no nation to cushion our fall, as Steyn says. We have been the mega leader/cheerleader/financier for well over 60 years and what have we got to show for it? A morally and financially bankrupt nation.

It’s time to close the doors and put our own house in order. Otherwise, the great American experiment that our Founders were so proud to begin, will dry up as in an old petri dish.