Why the left hates Sarah – Robin of Berkeley

I don’t know how I missed this because it was written way back in November ’09, but it’s a real good read by Robin of Berkeley. She’s one of my favorite bloggers and this proves why.

Please take a couple minutes to read it.

3 responses to “Why the left hates Sarah – Robin of Berkeley

  • ClassicFilm

    Stunning piece – nothing most conservatives hadn’t already sensed about the vicious 24/7 attacks on Palin, her husband and her children (yeah, that ultra-lefty Wonkette website is a real “class act” attacking 3-year-old Trig Palin last week), but when presented as Robin eloquently does, all the outrageous statist hate pieces to the Palin jigsaw puzzle miraculously fall together.

    Thanks for bringing this piece to our attention, dear sister – it was written in 2009. And the sexualized, mocking, and/or maligning attacks have actually increased against Palin and her family since then.

    Palin’s strength, humor, patriotism and moral core never fail to impress/humble me.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Robin of Berkly understands. Liberals are taught to behave like that since they were children by our tax paid teachers and professors.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Thanks, Roxy. I had never read that piece either.

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