I’m going to make a prediction

Obama has been everywhere, raising money. We’re seeing him everyday. He’s campaigning all over the place: bad mouthing the Republicans and the Tea party. Intimidating any would-be opponent because he’s going to raise $1billion. Who can compete with that?

And we have 19 months until the next election.

Does this mean Obama fatigue (or more like voter catatonia) to anyone but me?

The Republicans are right to hold back and not announce their intentions to run. This is a smart move for them. This gives Obama lots of time to muck things up for himself before the real races and debates occur. And it gives Obama time for the voters to be burned out and sick of him. Or sicker than we are now.

Yep, I think the Republicans are doing the right thing and Obama is on his own track to ruination.  Or at least I’m praying so.

3 responses to “I’m going to make a prediction

  • roxannadanna

    And I’ll tell you guys what else: His excuses and blaming others will stop flying, too. He can blame speculators now for gas at over $4/gallon, although those of us who know better know he’s looking for a scapegoat. Eventually these excuses and deflections will stop working for the rest of America.
    He can’ blame Bush just so long… it gets tired and old too.
    This will also do him in come election time.


    Your post is excellent Roxy.
    Stand back and watch what they do.
    Let them stray into a swamp that will entrap them.
    We will watch and see what tactics they use to expurgate themselves from the mire they have blundered into.

    Desperation will come into play as the election season unfolds.
    Devious tactics will be employed, demeaning ANYBOBY that opposes the messiah.
    Direct confrontation of Barrack Obama will not be allowed, and or tolerated.
    The DOJ will be his shield, and he needs that shield because he needs another cushion to get him into another 4 years in office.

    Re-electing Obama would be the 2nd biggest mistake this Country has ever done.
    Wake up America !!

  • bydesign001

    Here, here Roxy, great minds think alike. Obama is going to bore the country to death and all the while he is failing in every corner. Deep down inside, I suspect that Obummer may not be doiing as well as the left would have us believe courtesy of White House propaganda. Just because they say don’t make it so.

    For now, I say let Comrade Odumber keep mucketing it up.

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