The concert was great fun. A little longer than I would have liked but still there’s nothing like being in the same areana with so many like minded, American patriots.

The hightlight though for me was Vicki and her son. What great people! and her son is just a wonderful kid. I wish we had 30million teenagers just like him. Vicki let me pick her brain about blogs and blogging and gave me lots of helpful tips and websites to check out. I’ll be tied up for weeks checking into all her suggestions and advice.

It was wonderful to talk to and spend time with someone who is on the same page about so many things as Vicki and I are.  And I’m sure this is not the last and only time we will get together.

Thank you Vicki for the wonderful weekend!

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  • ClassicFilm

    *with tears of appreciation in my eyes*

    Right back at ya, sister! Thank you for your kind words. My son and I had such a fab time with you at your home (your husband, daughter, and son are total sweethearts for putting up with us!) and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you in Las Vegas, seeing the sights and fighting the traffic. Thank you for letting me get some light blogging in on your computer as well.

    The Freedom concert was, as you stated, a little long (4 hours is hard on the tush), but SO inspirational and well worth it. Definitely got my money’s worth. But the best part of all this past weekend was meeting and laughing and talking and picking brains with YOU. Want to hear (or read) a review after you’ve finished reading David Limbaugh’s new book.

    You’re a great American… thank me!

    God bless you for a memorable time, dear Roxy!

    Vicki – aka ClassicFilm

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