Daily Archives: August 6, 2010

Michelle’s glitzy Spanish vacation

The London Evening Standard:

Michelle Obama has boosted the profile of a number of up-and-coming designers since becoming First Lady in November 2008.

Designer Jason Wu created a full-length flower-covered dress for her inauguration balls and she has worn pieces by emerging names from London Fashion Week.

There isn’t one American designer who could make her a coat? Once again it’s more stunning extravagance from this White House and they have totally no concern about appearances.

$375,000 vacation in Spain? And we have to learn all this from UK newspapers via Drudge. (Thank you, Matt Drudge for keeping us informed.) She’s in Spain to “relax and unwind.” Something that she simply can’t do anywhere in the United States. A trip that would help bolster the economy of any American city and state that she choose to vacation in but there is  nowhere in this country where she could do this.

My God, the gulf coast has suffered in a huge way this summer and she can’t spend a long weekend there? Of course not. There are no votes to garner there. The South is going to be solidly against TheOne and his party this fall.

Every day – – every. single. day. — it’s one more thing from this regime. I’m counting the days until this ends.

It wasn’t ‘rape’ rape, all over again

This is an astounding story.

I ask again where is the outrage from the left who constantly claim THEY are the protectors of the weak, the poor, the oppressed? Where is NOW? Where is the ACLU? Who is protecting our women and girls?

When will these democrat/marxist be properly exposed for the true oppressors that they are? They are the ones who are enabling this violence against women – in America, mind you – and families.