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Real or fake government spending quiz

Alvin just having a bad day… LOL

From the Daily Caller:

The Hindenburg Omen, Glenn Beck and Cheryl

It’s kinda funny how somethings come together. They might all turn out to be nothing or they might turn into something, as they kinda meld.

The other day I wrote about my friend in Asheville, the RN who is convinced that something bad is going to happen. In her words – “a total collapse”  and before the November elections. Completely unrelated to this, I read an article over the weekend in the Wall St. Journal about something I didn’t understand – the Hindenburg Omen. I understood even less after I read the article because I’m not an investor broker and I don’t have an MBA. Then this morning I was watching yesterday’s episode of Glenn Beck and he explained what I had read a couple days before.

And unknowingly, it was all too similar to what Cheryl and I had talked about on Saturday.

As I said, Cheryl is a liberal. I would have to bind and gag her in order to get her to watch even 10 minutes of Beck. But she and I have been able to remain friends, in spite of our very diametrically opposing political views and I sent her the clip from Fox News with Beck explaining the Hindenburg Omen. I hope she watches it.

It’s almost a goofy coincidence that all 3 of those things came together for me in just 3 days.

Watch the stock market and we’ll see what happens.