Paint by Numbers: Our Founding Fathers

from Glenn Beck's website

As much as I respect the message that Beck is sending with his Faith, Hope and Charity posters, I’m bothered by the non-originality and mediocre artistic talent they exhibit.

Let’s not forget Shepard Fairey is nothing more than a street “artist” – a graffiti painter – a tagger. He’s done nothing but paint over an original AP photograph. I’ve written before about how this is done and how easy it is to do. A little Photoshop education, and anyone can do this. It takes no talent. Obama Hope is nothing more than a paint by numbers, just as what Beck’s posters are.

And something is diminished in them when Beck goes to Fairey for his inspiration. The message is loud and clear: a second rate knock off of a third rate artist.  Every time the Obama Hope poster is used as inspiration for anything more serious than this:

the subject is trivialized.  It cheapens the inspiration and the message, but more importantly, it intensely diminishes the heroic subjects;  i.e. Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and

Can’t we be more original and pay homage to our great leaders without relying on a no-talent spray painter to show us the way?

Fairey will go down in art (and political) history as being like Warhol – in the right circle of friends, at the right time. And being the no-talent spring board for a very poor representation of our admiration for our greatest heros.

4 responses to “Paint by Numbers: Our Founding Fathers

  • ClassicFilm

    Love Beck, but don’t love this at all.

    • roxannadanna

      I really like what Beck is saying in those posters. I agree 100% with his sentiments. But I wish he’d not used Fairy’s Obama Hope poster as his inspiration for them. I personally think it cheapens their memory, their heroic stature and the great message he is promoting.

      And I won’t stop saying that Fairy is not an artist. He’s fine with spray paint on a wall, but his talent in that poster is all computer technology, not talent!

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  • Dena

    I certainly agree with your opinion.

    My first thought when Beck showed us the 3 posters was that he was making fun of the Obama poster. And by extension making fun of Obama. And the 3 men portrayed in Beck’s posters are the REAL DEAL.

    I say we are both right.

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