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Obama Zombies – another choice read from Roxanne’s book club

“What Obama Zombies need to understand is that social justice is a euphemism for socialism; respecting property is the real justice, not what some college kid or Washington bureaucrat thinks is unfair. What’s interesting is that liberals are all for “spreading the wealth around” except when it’s their own.”

Jason Mattera/Obama Zombies

This book is witty and funny. It’s also sad that so many idealistic kids were duped and used by the Obama machine. Mattera tells the tale of how the campaign used Facebook, Twitter and cell phones to take over the youth vote. It’s a fascinating read and I bought it with the intent that my kids read it – after I do, of course.

New Blog spot for SPN Headlines

For all of you who have missed Robert J. Feeley’s fun site SPN Headlines, you can find him now here.

It’s good to know that he’s still around and still being goofy!

Reid and his 100 close supporters!

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

SEARCHLIGHT — U.S. Sen. Harry Reid launched his re-election campaign Monday with a sentimental send-off from his hometown of Searchlight, cheered on by more than 100 close supporters.

“We love you Harry,” friends, neighbors and longtime Democratic Party backers shouted from inside the Searchlight Nugget where 86-year-old owner Verlie Doing and former U.S. Sen. Richard Bryan stood by Reid to help start his bid for a fifth term.

“I know what close elections are and this is going to be a close election,” Reid told a Las Vegas rally of some 1,000 hard-core Democrats at the end of Day One of a three-day campaign tour. “Every vote counts.”

Reid with his famous egg throwing team!

How grand? He had less then 1200 folks come out to support him while the Tea Party had over 7000! Harry Reid – you are sooo done!

Reprise: American Heart

I saw this man (Jon David) at the Tea Party Rally in Henderson, NV and his song brought tears to many eyes.

A year ago I put this song on my blog. I said then that this song should go viral and I’m saying it again. As Breitbart says, this should be our anthem.

From Jon David’s website:

The Tale of a “Closeted” Conservative in Hollywood

Why the baseball cap? Why the sunglasses?  Why the anonymity?  If you’re proud of your country, why perform “American Heart” using the pseudonym Jon David?

Very legitimate questions with one very simple answer: Hollywood is a place where Art is protected under the 1st amendment while the Artist is not.

It’s no secret that the majority of folks in the entertainment industry lean left.  What is less well known is that Artists who don’t are often met with such contempt that their very livelihoods are threatened.

The industry responsible for setting the cultural tone in America, which keeps itself warm under the expansive blanket of free speech, has no issue attempting to silence the conservative voice within its ranks.

In late 2008, Jon David, a “closeted” conservative L.A. based screenwriter, director, singer, and songwriter met Andrew Breitbart at a small lunch akin to an ideological Speakeasy. Breitbart, the most prominent cultural crusader for the Right had already set in motion an extensive network/ sanctuary where the increasing number of conservative artists could express their beliefs as openly as the Left and without persecution. He asked Jon to participate by writing for his new site Big Hollywood.

The result was the recurring column “My Weekly Date with a Liberal:” a comedic and often poignant sociological experiment exploring how dating compatibility might be affected by differences in political affiliation while attempting to a gain a deeper understanding into the mind set of the liberal community.  At a Venice Beach BBQ, Jon found himself on the receiving end of a relentless verbal assault when a Liberal woman learned of his conservatism.  She followed this with an extensive list of America’s shortcomings.  Jon listened calmly, and when the opportunity presented itself, he asked her one simple question:  Do you like this country? Her answer was No.

He went home, picked up a guitar, and wrote “American Heart.” The song has already been embraced by many prominent figures on the Right (see Testimonials) and described as a love song for America.

Donning a baseball cap and sunglasses, Jon has played “American Heart” at events for Ride2Recovery and the American Legion. He performed the song at the Quincy Tea Party as well as The National Tea Party Convention in Nashville where he took the stage just prior to keynote speaker Governor Sarah Palin and received a standing ovation from the 1000 plus Americans in attendance. One woman said “We are so used to hearing the entertainment industry bash our country and bash us regular folks.  It was amazing to hear someone put into words how so many of us feel about our Nation. It gave me chills.”

Most recently he opened the Presidential Banquet at CPAC and is now in discussions with many campaigns to perform “American Heart” at rallies for the 2010 election cycle.

His next performance will be at the FreedomWorks Tax Day Tea Party in Washington DC on April 15th.

So why the pseudonym? Why the baseball cap? Why the sunglasses?  Why the anonymity?

Jon’s answer “If I have the ability to bring attention in any way to the cultural war going on in this country by having folks ask those questions, then I feel I’m doing something to help further the message Andrew Breitbart has so boldly brought to the fore, and then perhaps one day soon, I can take off the hat and glasses without reservation.”

Jon continues to write for Big Hollywood and is also a contributor to BigGovernment.com.

“American Heart” LIVE at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville

Jon David meeting Governor Palin after performing “American Heart”
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