Uncle Barry –


One response to “Uncle Barry –


    Now just one minute there lady !
    Michelle was on camera shopping at Target !
    Damn !, these folks are just like us !
    She shops for her stuff in the same stores we do !
    Why Mabel,… they’re just like us !
    She arrived in an entourage of security personnel and probably some of her attendants to get back in the groove of where the folks are.
    While shutting down two city blocks so she can ‘shop’.
    Or, she just needed a photo op for the drones.
    (Drones tend to have short memories.)

    Anyway, the desperation of the Obamas is becoming more obvious.
    Michelle Obama is no Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush or ever will be.
    The First Lady should exude elegance, and a respect for the position she has.
    I see none of that in Michelle Obama.
    I contend that Michelle was gritting her teeth while pushing the shopping cart.

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