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Chuck Woolery cuts the budget and Saves Us!


Oh the Irony! Mayor Bloomberg’s hypocrisy on display again

The comparison of this story with the OWS squatters really is amusing to me. As the NYPost dubs him, Nanny Bloomberg, aka Mayor Bloomberg – has forced the Algonquin Hotel to rid itself of it’s mascot and beloved kitty, Matilda. While on the other hand, he has supported, encouraged and generally bent over backwards for the riff raff in Zucotti Park – you know the ones: the rapists, thieves and police car crappers, those guys infected with fleas, lice and now, TB.

According to the hotel manager:

“The [Health] department in the past months suggested to us that pets in food-service facilities are no longer commingled.

“The lobby is an area where we serve food and beverage. We always want to be respectful of the Department of Health.”

A DOH spokeswoman said, “According to the New York City Health Code, live animals are not allowed in food-service establishments unless a patron needs a service dog.”

She said Algonquin managers told an inspector they had an “electronic fence to contain the cat,” and the inspector “reminded them that the cat is not allowed in food-service or preparation areas.”

At a preliminary inspection on Nov. 10, The Algonquin received 20 violation points, worth a B grade if they aren’t corrected on a follow-up DOH visit.

None of the violations involved Matilda.

Imagine Newt debating Obama after you see this –

Steyn on why Obama is too smart to be prez

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A True and Funny Cartoon

Another example of being outside the freedom movement in the ME

Zuhdi Jasser, a Syrian-American activist and founding member of the group Save Syria Now!, said: “Is it any wonder our families on the front lines against tyranny feel abandoned by the U.S. and that America’s soft power for liberty is waning globally to the point of extinction?

“If the United States cannot take a moral stand against barbaric thugs like Assad, we have lost our way.”

Just like in Iran a couple years ago, we are ignoring the situation in Syria. People are dying (around 500 a month) and simply disappearing into the night and America just turns a blind eye to what is happening there. As with Iran, this will become another failure of the Obama regime.