Oh my Golly!!! I’m on Levin tonight.

And I hope I don’t sound like a rube.

The screener asked me where I lived and I told him. He asked if that was close to Phoenix and I told him it was closer to Las Vegas so that’s where Levin announced I was from.

It’s at the end of the first hour, if you happen to be listening to him.

2 responses to “Oh my Golly!!! I’m on Levin tonight.

  • roxannadanna

    I was so excited that my palms were sweating like some teenager!!! LOL Don’t tell anyone I wrote that.

    I’ve tried to call twice before and both times I was turned away. Once, because I was not a liberal. I guess he wanted to fight with someone that day. And the other time because they thought my comment/question would be better asked a different day or something.

    So when I got through last night, I almost had a stroke! LOL He’s really so terrific and it was great.


    Levin ???
    Damn, you’ve struck GOLD.
    I missed it.
    Get the audio for your fans Roxy.

    Well done !

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