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Messiah Obama, Tell this to the Greatest Generation and the victims and survivors of 9/11

From the National Review online:

“’Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,’ Obama said Saturday evening in remarks at a small Democratic fundraiser Saturday evening. ‘And the country’s scared.’”

I’d love to know the way those who fought and won WWII feel about being “hardwired” to not think clearly when they were scared. Were they scared in French foxholes, being shot at by Germans? Were they scared storming the beaches of Iwo Jima or fighting their way up Omaha Beach? Were they scared on the U.S.S. Arizona while Japanese kamikazes blew them up?

Remember how you felt on 9/11 and those heart wrenching days following that. Remember watching the firemen and rescue workers run into the Twin Towers to save others and the work they did for days after, trying to find survivors. Or those brave souls on flight 93 who gave all to down a third plane in a remote Pennsylvania field rather than have MUSLIM EXTREMISTS kill more thousands of souls.

Of course we’ve been scared. But being scared is what made us brave.

Does he think for a moment that Americans can’t act and act bravely when they are scared?

The arrogance of his statement is beyond belief.  This is just one more example of his condescension toward the average American; another example of his belief that America and her citizens lack exceptionalism.

What we are facing is a future of uncertainty. Small businesses can’t expand and hire more employees because they fear what the next Congress will do about taxes. Taxpayers are scared because they have no idea how this health care bill will finally play out for them. We are frightened by the total disregard for the Constitution that we see daily from those who work for us in Washington. Brave soldiers are on the frontlines in Afghanistan and Iraq while secret war documents are traitorously leaked to the world and EVERYONE is afraid for their safety.

Ambrose Redmoon said “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

We know what is more important than fear and when we face that, we act. This is nothing more than his attempt to make excuses for his failed regime and the certain failure of his party on November 2nd. We will act and we will vote them out.

And yes, born from fear of what, unchecked, they have done and will do to us as a nation.

Thanks to Katie Couric I learned a useless word today

“As Seth Meyers might say on Weekend Update, Really?!” Couric, who watches the show [Glee] with her daughters, said of the photos. “These very adult photos of young women who perform in a family show just seem so un-‘Glee’-like. The program is already edgy in the right ways, these images don’t really — in my humble opinion — fit the ‘Glee’ gestalt.

Do you even know what gestalt means? Do you even care? I’ve heard the word before, but never bothered to find out what it really meant and until I heard her commentary, I didn’t care either.  So I looked it up.

I was still in the dark after I read the definition:


1. a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts; a unified whole.
2. an instance or example of such a unified whole.
I then scrolled down the page to find the origin:

1922, from Ger. Gestaltqualität  (1890, introduced by Ger. philosopher Christian von Ehrenfels, 1859-1932), from M.H.G. gestalt  “form, configuration, appearance,” abstracted from ungestalt  “deformity,” noun use of adj. ungestalt  “misshapen,” from gestalt,  obsolete pp. of stellen  “to place, arrange.” As a school of psychology, it was founded c.1912.
ah! A school of psychology! A German school of psychology! I’ll come back to this  at a  later date.

The thesaurus gives synonyms like contour, shape, structure, outline and form. You understand those words, right? They sure are more a part of our daily language than is GESTALT.  Why didn’t she use one of those words to say that these particular photos didn’t follow the STRUCTURE or even better, the IMAGE of what this show has produced to the public?

Couric used this high brow word  – GESTALT – in order to make us feel stupid or certainly less smart than the elitist speaker is. This is kind of funny since Couric is the lightest weight in television, next to say – Harry Smith. So maybe she’s using the word to elevate herself among the elitists she is trying so hard to be part of.

I don’t know.

I do know that a year or 2 ago, I would have felt like I WAS stupid for not knowing what she’s talking about. Now I see the game she and other elitists are playing on us.  They want those of us who don’t live on the left or right coast, but in the middle fly-over country, to know that we are nothing more than pumpkins.  As Laura Ingraham said the other day: we drive big trucks, keep big guns and have big families – they don’t like any of that.

In short, they don’t like us.

The sooner we realize that these people are not just condescending to the vast majority of Americans, but they really don’t like us, and we stop watching and listening to them, the sooner they will either come around or go away.

I vote for GO AWAY. But then, I don’t watch network tv, anyway.

Quote of the day – Debra J. Saunders

MediaMatters lives to pillory Fox News for being too conservative — at the same time, it tries to drive moderate commentators off Fox programming.

MediaMatters doesn’t want balance on Fox News. MediaMatters doesn’t want an exchange of ideas. MediaMatters wants to push Fox further to the right. Its toxic tactics are designed to widen the left-right divide in America by marginalizing not only conservatives, but anyone who associates with conservatives.

I’ve talked to people at CAIR and MediaMatters. I know folks who work for NPR. They all think they’re smart, and yet they’ve just sent a bonehead message to the American public.

Way to go, ye titans of tolerance. You’ve just broadcasted that an African-American moderate with a solid civil-rights record can lose his job and be branded as a bigot for quoting a convicted terrorist and admitting to a moment’s hesitation if he sees someone in Muslim garb on a plane.   Debra J. Saunders/Rasmussen Reports