The Manchurian President – my book club choice

As David Horowitz emphasizes, citing an SDS radical who once wrote, “the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”  In other words, the cause – whether inner city blacks or women – is never the real cause, but only an ocassion to advance the real cause which is the culmination of power to make the revolution. That was the all consuming focus of Alinsky and his radicals.”

from The Manchurian President by Aaron Klein

In other words, the ends justify the means. Use whatever means, whatever useful idiot, use any group who feels victimized, to obtain the ends (goals) which is power and control.

Remember Obama’s words during the campaign: “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”? He  wasn’t speaking to the adoring crowd, those with tear streaked faces hanging on his every word. He was speaking to the elite progressives, his real people, the small circle of academics and ideologues, the 60’s radicals who had come of age and wrested the ultimate power.

The progressives had accomplished what they had always said they would: bore from within. And now, as Horowitz says in Klein’s book, like termites, they are eating the very foundation of this nation.

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  • samhenry

    Excellent, encore, R. It it your Online book club choice or is it a book club you belong to in the real world. Are you like Opra? LOL.

    As I just wrote to your brother, I am dyslexic and so my reading is not what it should be. I got two masters degrees just by tenacity. But somehow it is easier for me to read on line. In this realm I rarely read books, I read news. I am an old news hound ahroooo!

    • roxannadanna

      Sure I have a book club – a book club of one. LOL They are just my choices of books that I’m reading and like a lot.

      Well, you’ve done well for yourself with your reading disability. You should be so proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. Good on ya!

      • samhenry

        Thanks, R. I appreciate your comment. It hasn’t been easy. I realize how much I am missing when I hear what people are reading. I am also very impatient and I want to get to the end of books I do read fast so I can go on to the next book. I really have a thirst for knowledge or just maybe a lurch for knowledge – I’m not sure. LOL

  • dancingczars

    Excellent find Rox, thanks, J.C.

    • roxannadanna

      Thank you. It’s a good book, especially for those who are interested in all those mystery years of Obama. Klein does shed some light on his almost unknown past.

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